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 Swan sword style

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PostSubject: Swan sword style    Swan sword style  I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2014 5:15 pm

Style Creator: [Moon]Sw?n
Style Name: Makka Hantei Yaiba no Yooshiki • Reddest Blade of Judgement Style
Style Type: Weaponry & Specialty Weaponry
Rank: D-S
Style Weapon: Sword/Dagger/Knife
Description: The Red Judgement Blade style is a primarily offensive style utilizing a lot of chakra control.The style is mostly Kenjutsu-based and has 3 different forms/stances, and 1 "forbidden" one.

The Executioner: The first and likely easiest of the stances. The Executioner stance is
designed for minimal movement and heavy well-aimed, well-timed strikes.
The Tormentor: The rogue-like stance. It involves high mobility and dexterity, as well as painful torturous strikes and a few combos.
The Blood Angel: A style requiring prior knowledge of the previous two Stances, to
learn. This stance involves a mix of the Executioner and the Tormentor.
However the stance is much more advanced; so too, are the techniques
within it. Use of combos and/or 'chains' is more fluent in this stance.
Kinshi Tachiba•Hrikai Odorimasu: Known as the Forbidden Hrikai Dancing stance or "Dance of Hrikai," by its practice. This stance requires knowledge on the past three stances before this can be taught.The Hrikai stance is similar to the Blood Angel stance, with the added grace of 'dancing' and the use of mirages and berserkers.

Practitioners: of this style often have different arrangements of piercings do denote
their martial skill and rank. Initiates often have nothing or a simple
lip piercing. Once the Executioner stance is learned, they gain a bull
septum. Once the Tormentor stance is learned, they gain a labret on
either side. Once the Blood Angel stance is learned, they gain a bridge.
Learning all the jutsu in a particular stance counts as mastery of that
stance, and they gain a white lip ring. Mastery in all three grants a
red industrial, similar to Pein's, on either ear. Practitioners of the
Dance of Hrikai stance have their earlobes gauged to no less than 1".
This is just of course the tradition, like belts, and does not necessarily get followed by some few.

History: Hrikaixakatzu is the combination of master Itazu Mitsukai Katasaruru's soul, infringed with a copy of kami Hakkari's own. With such ancient wisdom and habits, combined with her own experiece, Itazu devised a martial style following sword-to-sword or sword-to-weapon combat. The style reflected not only on her unique Kenjutsu fighting style but her fighting personality as well.

Style Secret Techniques:
Name: Makka Hantei Yaiba no Yooshiki • Parri [Parry]
Rank: C
Type: Weaponry
Element: n/a
Range: contact
Style: Reddest Blade of Judgement
Parry is a maneuver which the ninja will shield his blade with chakra
that disrupts on impact (with another weapon or fist) and repels it when
the chakra blasts. This usually results in their weapon being knocked
back, or them, allowing a small window for other jutsu to be done in

Name: Makka Hantei Yaiba no Yooshiki • Hikitsukemasu [Attract]
Rank: B
Type: Weaponry
Element: n/a
Range: contact
Style: Reddest Blade of Judgement
The user blocks or parries a weapon with their own. Then, they focus
chakra into their blade to create a nearly unbreakable attraction that bonds
the weapons together long enough for the ninja to pull their blade and
disarm or stun their opponent or anything else. (This will not work on weapons who have chakra of equal of greater rank in them.)

Name: Makka Hantei Yaiba no Yooshiki • Keirimasu [Return]
Rank: B
Type: Weaponry
Element: n/a
Range: 15m/30m/50m
Style: Reddest Blade of Judgement
The ninja channels some of their chakra into their blade. It stays
within the blade, and the ninja may recall the blade back to their hand
over a distance. This also allows them to be able to throw their sword
or blade with less worry of retrieving it. The ninja may
control the course and movements slightly of the blade as it returns at B rank.

Name: Makka Hantei Yaiba no Yooshiki • Fuetsuton [Whetstone]
Rank: B
Type: Weaponry
Element: n/a
Range: self
Style: Reddest Blade of Judgement
The ninja emits chakra out of their palm that protects their hand as it
buffers a blades edge to 1/100th inches, or however closely sharp the
metal used for the blade can get. This technique requires a lot of
concentration to use and so no major movements or jutsu can be used
during the process (ie: no foothold changes, no jutsu casting for the
whole post).

Name: Makka Hantei Yaiba no Yooshiki • Toochi no Yaiba [Reign of Blades]
Rank: A
Type: Specialty Weaponry
Element: n/a
Style: Reddest Blade of Judgement
The ninja must complete four unique hand seals. Then, chakra will
release from them, mimicking the form of their blade. The ten blades
hide underground, and shoot up one by one near the opponent, between 1
to 5 per post. Alternatively, they can be used to make a wall of swords
in front of the ninja that can block up to an A rank attack without
being broken. They last for 3 posts after all ten are risen or 3 posts
raised up as a wall of defense.

Executioner (Keiri)::

Tormentor (Kurushimeru):

Blood Angel (Ketsueki-Mitsukai):

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Swan sword style
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