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 Clan/Bloodline Template

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Niiro Ryuu
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Clan/Bloodline Template Empty
PostSubject: Clan/Bloodline Template   Clan/Bloodline Template I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 1:17 am

[u][b]Bloodline Name/Surname:[/b][/u] (List the clan name  or family name)

[u][b]Clan Classification:[/b][/u] (Bloodline Limit, Clan, Guild, Sect)

[u][b]Kekkei Genkai:[/b][/u] (If you have a Kekkei Genkai, please classify; Innate, Mutation, Doujutsu, Physical Transformation, Elemental, etc)

[u][b]Element:[/b][/u] (Advanced Elements please)

[i]Unique Insignia[/i]:
[i]Traditions[/i] (Here describe their traditions, practices. This is especially useful if your clan is based around a religious sect, such as Jashinism. If they have any strange architecture, dress, mannerisms, etcetera. Get creative, make them colorful; Not all clans have to be "dark, brooding, mysterious assassins". An example is the Uchiha; they were a fire-based clan that practiced Katon Ninjutsu).
[i]Clan History[/i]: (Try to describe your clan's history; who they were founded by, when they were founded, how they came to be, etc)
[b][i]Kekkei Genkai Information:[/i][/b] (Please be as detailed as possible here. This area will include information on your Kekkei Genkai / Clan training, creation, etc).


[i]Number Cap[/i]: (Must be higher than 2)
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Clan/Bloodline Template
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