Create your own ninja, and fight to rise through the rank's of your village. Travel the vast world of naruto, complete missions. Become a Hero. Whats your Nindo?
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Niiro Ryuu
Niiro Ryuu

Posts : 49
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Posting Rules Empty
PostSubject: Posting Rules   Posting Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 21, 2010 10:57 am

Here's how it goes for the posting rules kiddies. You may only be in one IC topic at a time. The only way that you are able to be in two different topics is if it is with a clone and even then both you and your clone must be in the same village. Other than that one exception to the rules, you can't be in more than one IC topic period. When it comes to the Other RPing Zone you may be in more than one topic there and one IC topic.

This is law.
Disobey and I will find you, and I will enforce!!!!!!!!!!!

Now have fun kiddies. ^_^
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Niiro Ryuu
Niiro Ryuu

Posts : 49
Points : 17176
Reputation : 3
Join date : 2010-01-16

Posting Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: Posting Rules   Posting Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 30, 2010 6:17 am

Here's something else you may not have known...


Here's how it will go... let's say it's you and your friend posting. Let's say that your friend made the topic that means he gets to go first...

1st post: Jimmy
2nd post: You

Now if someone was to join in on your post with your friend it would go like this....

1st post: Jimmy
2nd post: You
3rd post: Tommy

So on and so forth... if more than this post then they will just add onto the end....
Also let's try not to have more than six people in one topic. Then we'll have to wait... and wait... and WAIT!!!! D8


Exit Rules:

Now when you want to exit a topic you must clearly exit the topic...
Here's a shitty example of such:

Jimmy runs away.

If you do this, then someone can post off of it and stop you like so:

As Jimmy ran away, Tommy saw him run into a brick wall. What Tommy didn't know was that Jimmy had a boner and when he ran into the wall he broke his nose first. Tommy then watched Jimmy fall to the ground and land on his spine wrong, thus putting him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Or something like that....

.....>.> Unless you want that happening you need to post more specific. Here's a better example:

Jimmy, after avoiding the spiked floor and the giant rock that was in his way by jumping over it without hitting the cealing or anything else that might get in the way, ran out the door by swinging the door wide open without hitting himself or anything else. Before he left and when he got out of the door nothing was able to stop him from making it home safely.

This is a somewhat ok exit. It would be exceptable unless an admin says otherwise...
Also when you post to exit make sure that you signify your exit by putting this...

[Exit] the bottom (the color isn't required).


Time Rules:

This stands as it is. You have two days to post something. So if you're posting with someone else and they post on the 18th you have until the 20th to post. If you do not post by then, then whatever they did is an auto-hit, or happens.
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Posting Rules
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