Create your own ninja, and fight to rise through the rank's of your village. Travel the vast world of naruto, complete missions. Become a Hero. Whats your Nindo?
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 Requem wip

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PostSubject: Requem wip   Requem wip I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2015 5:46 am

[div style="text-align:center;"]Requem wip <a href=Requem wip Genesi10." />[img][/div]<font face=[/img][div style="text-align:center;"]Salem Pendragon;[/div][blockquote][blockquote]
full name: Salem Pendragon  
nicknames: Kimura
gender: Male
age: 18
sexual orientation heterosexual
fraction: Warlock
occupation: Student
home: South side of London / College Campus
play-by: Genesis Rhapsodos - Final Fantasy

[div style="text-align:center;"]Physical;[/div]
hair: hair colour here.
eyes: eye colour here.
facial features: at least paragraph (5+ well-developed sentences) or at least 6 bullet points that describe the lips, eye shape, jawline, etc.
height: height here (use units of cm and/or ft/in please).
weight: weight here (use units of kg and/or lbs please).
distinguishing features: at least two flaws or distinguishing features such as a scar.
piercings: piercings here (if any).
tattoos: tattoos here (if any).

clothing style: what does your character like to wear? You can either write at least paragraph (5+ well-developed sentences) or at least 6 bullet points
body: at least a paragraph (5+ well-developed sentences) or at least 6 bullet points that describe your character's physique.

[div style="text-align:center;"]Mental;[/div]
likes: at least 10 things your character likes (please list in bullet point format using the list coding).
dislikes: at least 10 things your character dislikes (please list in bullet point format using the list coding).
strengths: at least 6 strengths (please list in bullet point format using the list coding).
weaknesses: at least 6 weaknesses (please list in bullet point format using the list coding).
fears: at least 3 fears (please list in bullet point format using the list coding).  Look a handy [a href=""]list[/a] of phobias!
secrets: at least 2 secrets (please list in bullet point format using the list coding).
quirks: at least 5 quirks your character has, such as fidgeting or twiddling their thumbs (please list in bullet point format using the list coding).
personality: at least 200 to 300 words describing your character's personality, or 20 bullet points (10 good aspects and 10 bad aspects. please list in bullet point format using the list coding). If you are having trouble finding personality points [a href=""]this site[/a] and [a href=""]this site[/a] are wonderful resources.

[div style="text-align:center;"]Facts;[/div]
race: human, demon, shinigami, witch/warlock, werewolf, or angel? Another note on races; we do NOT have mixed usergroups on this site for a character that may have one human parent and one demon parent for example. For that character we ask that you choose one species or the other depending on which parent they inherited powers or lack thereof from.
nationality: what country are their families from? For characters that aren't human, simply put 'not applicable'.
languages spoken: What is your character's primary language? Do they have any secondary ones?

birthplace: birthplace here.
hometown: hometown here.

father: name, age, occupation, alliance.
mother: name, age, occupation, alliance.
siblings: name, age occupation, alliance (if any).
other family: name, age, occupation, alliance.

history: a bare minimum of 500 words is required for your character's history.

[div style="text-align:center;"]Extra;[/div]
anything else that you would like to add that you cannot find a proper place for in the above fields. If you do not have anything to add here, you may delete the sections you do not need.

abilities: for those of you making a witch/warlock character, please list up to four (4) powers that they are able to utilize. For those of you interested in making a supreme, they may have up to six (6) powers, but make sure you've cleared it with an admin beforehand. If your character is not magical, you may delete this field.  All demons/angels/shinigami may have only one power! This section does not apply to werewolves and humans. We would suggest that you have a look at [a href=""]this post[/a] for information on how to set up this section and how to avoid making an overpowered character.

trivia: at least 5 facts about your character

scythe: (applies to shinigami only) describe your character's death scythe

[div style="text-align:center;"]You;[/div]
tell us about yourself!: a few sentences to tell us about yourself! please include what you would like to be called around here, your roleplaying experience, how you found us, and the best way to contact you.

[/blockquote][/blockquote]" />

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Requem wip
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