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 Hotaru Clan

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PostSubject: Hotaru Clan   Hotaru Clan I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2015 4:33 pm

Hotaru Clan Firefl10

Clan Name: Hotaru Clan
Clan element/'s: Fire and Lightning
Special characteristics/traits:
Location: Suna
Bloodline Name: Firefly Familiars
Bloodline Ability:
Hotaru clan members all have the fire and lightning element. This is due to the fact of their KKG to control fire/Lightning bugs known as fireflies. The Hotaru clan members when born all have a special birthmark on their body that resembles their family symbol. This actually being a very special seal that all members with the KKG are born. With this seal the Hotaru clan members have now become host to a very special bug known as the Photuris Firefly. Now through the use of Jutsu the Hotaru members are able to expel the fireflies that their body constantly creates by opening up special pours to release these devastating bugs. Now these bugs can be used for all different types of purposes, whether it be tracking people or gathering information. Or even for combat through the use of offensive or defensive moves

Resistance: Due to the fact that the Photuris does live inside of the body of its host, the members of the Hotaru clan have become able to have a higher resistance of the fire and Lightning element due to the fact that the Photuris do have the ability to become on fire, or even become shocking.

Photuris: The Photuris is a very large firefly, being about an inch long. They are a carnivore’s bug eating all types of things even devouring the flesh of humans that get in their way. It is said that if enough Photuris are around that they could devour the flesh of one human being in minutes. Though on top of eating meat the Photuris also feed off of Chakra so that they may strengthen themselves. Now Photuris males and females both look different. Males are what one would refer to as a Firefly, while females are what one would prefer to as a glowworm. Each having their own uses to their ninja.

Chemicals: The Photuris have multiple chemicals inside of their body that can be used for combat, or even healing. These chemicals can easily be shot from their body to help ninja track enemy’s or even distract opponents, as well as cause damage. As these chemicals tend to be very burning when they make contact with skin.  
Secret Clan Jutsu:(List the jutsu that only clan members may use)

Clan History:
The Hotaru clan was started deep in the desserts of suna in a small oasis that was in the dessert. A group of wanderers found the oasis and made it home so that they could survive the dessert. And over time this became a very special place for a clan of ninja known as the Hotaru clan. But one fatal thing that no one ever realized about the oasis was that one of the bugs that lived on this oasis was different than others. This bug was like none that any of these ninjas had ever seen. And soon it started to make ways into the body of these ninjas. At first it was a horrifying thing that caused many of the Hotaru clan to die. As the bugs destroyed their insides, and it was nothing that the ninja could do as they reproduced the bugs managed to pass their eggs along having the children be born with the same fate as the adults born with the bugs. This was a very bad outcome, as a lot of the kids died but over time more and more started to survive with the bugs inside of their body. And over time they learned how to use these bugs in jutsu and combat so that they could better themselves as ninja.
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this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Hotaru Clan
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