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 12 Rings of power

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PostSubject: 12 Rings of power   12 Rings of power I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 23, 2014 5:25 pm

12 Rings of power Anima_12

Name: Lightning Ring
Requirements: Event won
Item Type: Ring
Elemental Type: Lightning
Description: The lightning Ring is one of the 12 power rings made by the monks. It being one that focus more on destruction. Having a ability for nothing but destruction making it a very good ring to have for a person who is more focused on pure combat. And doing high damage to opponents
Materials: Lightning Stone  
Abilities: The Lightning ring has a very powerful ability that makes it deadly in combat. For a C rank cost the user is able to send out a lightning shock. That will travel up to five meters and be 1 meter wide. It will be able to give first degree burns as well as do minor stun damage to targets hit by it stunning whatever part of the body hit for the remander of the post. Now if the user of the ring does not have the lightning element they must pay B rank to do the attack and can only use it once every 3 post. While one with lightning as an element may use this ability once per post.
Total Price: Free

Name: Vampire's Doom
Requirements: Event won
Item Type: Ring
Elemental Type: N/A
Description: Vampire's doom is one of the most deadly of the 12 power rings made by the monks. A its whole purpose is to suck the life force out of those that if combats giving its user the upper hand. And making it very feared by many
Materials: Chakra granite
Abilities: Vampire's doom's ability relates to its name. As it has the ability to drain chakra from its targets. For a C rank amount of Chakra the user is able to shoot a black ball of chakra at its target. This ball will be the size of a baseball and move at Taijutsu adept speed. And whatever target it makes contact with it will drain 20 CP from whatever it makes contact with. This attack can only be used once every two post.  
Total Price: Free

Name: Wind Ring
Requirements: Event won
Item Type: Ring
Elemental Type: Wind
Description: The wind ring though made for peace is one of the rings that cane be used on both sides of the battle field. Being able to keep the piece or bring the pain if need be. Makng it one of the rings of balance that the monks had in their set.
Materials: Wind Stone
Abilities: The wind ring has a simple ability, it allows the user to send a burst of wind in one of two ways. The first way is to swing their arm that will send a blade of wind in whatever way their arm moves. The second way is to push their hand forward and send a gust of wind that can move targets back. Either way to use this ability it cost C rank chakra and moves at Taijust adept speed. The wind blade is able to cut through rocks. And the Wind push is able to move boulders about the size of the user.
Total Price: Free

Name: Fire Ring
Requirements: Event won
Item Type: Ring
Elemental Type: Fire
Description: The Fire ring is another one of the pure combat rings that the monks made. As its main purpose is destruction, something that the monks did not use much, but knew how to do so if it came time for them to have to bring pain to those that tried to stop their goals.
Materials: Fire Stone
Abilities: The Ring of fire has the ability to release  devistating flame thrower from the hands of whoever uses it. This stream of fire will cost C rank chakra and be able to reach up to a range of 5 meters, while being 1 meter wide. It can set things ablaze, and will cause second degree burns to those that it does make contact with.
Total Price: Free

High in the mountains in the land of Lightning lived a very special group of monks. Though some considered them Sages they were a group known throughout the lands. Who focused on taking their skills to the next level. Through reaching new means of skills that most people had yet to even discover. These Monks had a very big project that had been taking hundreds of years to complete. This was the 12 Rings of power. A set of rings that each wear made of a different material and had its own special ability due to the special properties of the material that it was made from. Each of these 12 rings would be passed down to one Monk of the group every generation. Until a fatal night that one of the monks decided to betray the group. Whipping out most of the group in less than one night and stealing all 12 of the rings so that he would be able to take them and use them for his own personal gain. Though before the traitor would get the chance a band of rouge ninja would manage to steal the rings from him. Using them to terrorize the lands of Kumo for years until they would be taken down by the Kumo Anbu and all the rings taken into custody of the village.

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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12 Rings of power
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