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 Fire jutsu

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PostSubject: Fire jutsu   Fire jutsu I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 25, 2013 2:58 am

Name: Fire Style: Fire Kunai
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Katon
Range: Kunai
Description: This is a simple jutsu that almost any ninja can do. By simply channeling their Katon chakra into their kunai the blade will get a small red glow to it so that now when it is thrown it has an increased cutting edge as well as being able to cause first degree burns on contact with the blade. (Now if the person wants to keep the blade in their hand and use it for close range fighting it will cost an E rank amount of chakra per post to keep the blade with its fire aura.

Name: Fire style: Fire tentacles
Rank: D-C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Katon
Range: 0-5M
Description: After a quick set of hand seals the user will have fire form around their arms in the shape of tentacles like an octopus. The user can then use these for attacks swinging them around like whips even using them to grab things by wrapping them around stuff. Now considering that these whips are made of fire they will cause second degree burn on contact. ( For D rank the user makes one tentacles and it last for 1 post E rank each post afterwards. C rank user makes 3 tentacles they last for 2 post and cost and E rank for each post afterwards.)

Name: Fire Style: Fire Twister
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Self
Description: After the needed hand signs are formed a twister of fire will start to form around the user. This twister is used as a defensive jutsu but also has it's offensive purposes. Since as the user moves the twister around him moves with him. Allowing him to go after targets with the twister on him. Though the twister can easily be taken out with a water jutsu of D rank. (last 2 post then E rank for each post afterwards)

Name: Fire Style: Fire Disk
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Katon
Range: 0-15M
Description: After the needed hand signs fire start to form in the raised hand of the user in the form of disk saw blade. The user of this jutsu will then proceed to throw the disk at his targets. The blades are fast being able to go at about 15MPH but it is not able to follow the opponents so one dodge is all it takes to get away from the blade.

Name: Fire Style: Fire Prison
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Katon
Range: Person
Description: The user of this jutsu will mold their Katon chakra into a  three dimensional ellipse around their target. It will be just big enough for the target to fit in. Since the user is trapped inside of fire they will get some minor first degree burns. Now like the water prison jutsu the user or a clone must keep one hand inside of the sphere of fire. And while trapped in the sphere the user wont be able to move. ( User is not harmed from this )

Name: Fire Style: Fire Trackers
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Katon
Range: 0-15M
Description: The user will form 3 balls of fire the size of basketballs. These balls will lock on to the heat sense of what every the user wants them to target and they will stay locked on to that heat sense chasing after the targets till they come in contact with it. On contact they will explode with the fore of 3 explosive tags. (If the user wants the balls to explode before they make contact he can pay a D rank amount of chakra though they will only go off with the force of 2 explosive tags. These trackers last 2 post, and then will need a D rank per post to keep active.  

Name: Fire Style: Fire Burst
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Katon
Range: 0-5M
Description:This is a simple jutsu that can be done with out the use of hand signs. The user will start by forming elemental fire chakra into their hand in the form of the ball that they will somewhat compress. And so when they throw the ball and it makes contact with something it will cause a medium size explosion that will kind of be like a flash bang as well. Since it will send of a blining light and all ninja in view of it will be effected. Even the user if they look at it. This is a 5 meter radius that will be in effect.

Name: Fire Style: Clone Explosion
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Katon
Range: 0-25M
Description: The user creates a clone made of Katon chakra. The clone looks like a normal shadow clone, which allows the user to get it close to the target without them expecting anything besides a normal attack, or the target might even close in willingly to try to attack the clone. Using multiple tricks and diversionary tactics to disguise the nature of the clone can make this technique more likely to be effective. Now if this clone is destroyed before the hand sign to make it explode is given off then it will explode with the force of 4 explosive tags. If the user detonates on their own the clone will explode with the force of 8 explosive tags.

Name: Fire Style: Fire wall
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Katon
Range: 0-5M
Description: After a quick set of hand signs the user will be able to conjure a wall of fire anywhere near them (as long as its whiten 3 feet of them) . Though this will only be one solid wall of fire being at 3 meters long it is easily able to block attacks needing an attack a rank higher then it to disburse it or an one rank lower water jutsu to disperse it. The wall will only stay for 1 post unless a D rank amount of chakra is payed each post afterwards.

Name: Fire Style: Fire arms
Rank: C-S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Katon
Range: Self
Description: The user of this jutsu will become engulfed in their own chakra, their arms become engulfed in a blue flame. As their arms are enshrouded in one of the hottest flames, the blue flame. However, they are immune to this flame and can burn other people quite easily with them. However, this fire isn't invulnerable, but if a whole lot of water is dumped on them the will have to wait 3 posts to be able to do this jutsu again. Users of this jutsu can deactivate the flames at will, however, even if theirs arms are hit with water when the flames are off; they still has to wait 3 posts before being able bring the flames back on. But with the flames are on his hands his punches are able to do double damage from the fire. Note: The physical damage from the punch is not increased. It is still at it's normal power. (C rank: Last 3 post, B rank: last 5 post, A rank: last 6 post, S rank: last 8 post)

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Fire jutsu
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