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 Implosion Release

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PostSubject: Implosion Release    Implosion Release  I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 25, 2013 2:55 am

Clan Name: Kimura
Clan element/'s: Implosion (Water/Fire)
Special characteristics/traits:
*Heat Resistance (Fire jutsu - 1 rank)
*Long Hair (Most)
Location: Suna
Bloodline Name: Implosion Release
Bloodline Ability:
Implosion Release is an advanced chakra nature created with the simultaneous blending of the Suiton (Water Release) and Katon (Fire Release) elements. Using Suitonto gather moisture from the air and gather it together in condensed molecules before rapidly evaporating them with Katon. This creates a hyper expansion of natural gasses (hydrogen and oxygen) and this rapid expansion causes a shockwave of pressure that is incredibly hot (both hydrogen and oxygen are fire fuelers) and concussive (due to the wall of suddenly pressurized air.

This is how the Implosion element comes to be. Due to the way the element works it is actually strong against water being able to evaporate water at very high speeds. But Implosion release is also very hot being way hotter then regular fire.Though, it cannot reach the same raw temperature level of Lava Release it mainly focuses on the use of moisture absorption. This is how Implosion can bypass Katon's natural weakness of Suiton by evaporating incoming attacks. The appearance of Implosion is usually a light red color or black, but, depending on the levels of heat each technique has a different hue. Implosion is devastating towards any organic life as it can completely destroy it creating barren lifeless area with great ease. (All members must have Fire and Water as elements)

Implosion can work in many different ways as one can use Implosion chakra to drain the water from things or just evaporate water into a gas. Where Implosion chakra can also be used for intense heat as it is very hot being way hotter then normal fire. And the last way that Implosion chakra can be used is by putting it into things causing them to implode. As unlike an explosion the objects will start to collapse on themselves sending out a very hot pressure while doing this. Though this element does have one drawback it doesn't work well against earth being weak against earth jutsu.

[poiler=Secret Clan Jutsu:]
Name: Implosion style: Spheres of Implosion
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Implosion
Range: 0-15m
Description:The user creates several flaming orbs of Implosion chakra each resembling small orbs being the size of basketballs. These orbs being made of implosion chakra are extremely hot and will be able to give first degree burn instantly to anyone on contact with skin. Now because of the Scorch release nature the orbs are also able to evaporate water at very fast past being able to evaporate gallons of water in seconds. The user is able to control these orbs using them for attack defense. (No more then 3 orbs can be made at a time and the orbs will only stay for 3 post unless a E rank amount of chakra is payed per every post afterwards. All orbs move half the speed of their user)

Name: Implosion Style: Breath of Death
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Implosion
Range: 0-5m
Description: This jutsu will start by the user holding their hand near teir mouth and letting out a deep breath. In this breath a dark black like wave of chakra will be released. This mist will be very hot being easily able to cause first degree burns to those who are caught in it for more then one post. Since the mist is a black like substance it is also very hard to see through allowing for it to be used as a smoke screen. (This chakra like mist will stay around for 3 post unless it is disbursed)

Name: Implosion Style: Implode
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Implosion
Range: 0-15m
Description: This jutsu can only be used with the implosion spheres. With a single hand sign the user of this jutsu is able to make a sphere explode as long as it is within 15 meters of the user. Each sphere when imploded will release a large amount of heat being able to give first degree burns to those closer then 1 meter of the sphere when it implodes. The spheres also equal the same as 3 exploding tags when they implode. ( it cost to implode each sphere. )[/spoiler]

History: Though no one is truly sure were the Implosion release was started it is known that it was started somewhere deep in the desserts where the village of Suna now stands. Some people say that the people of these lands learned how to withstand the heats of this land and became able to use this element. Though the most common known story is that a great ninja known as Durock was the first to be born to control this mysterious element, and from then it was given to his children and so on.

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Implosion Release
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