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 Ryūshōsen Clan

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PostSubject: Ryūshōsen Clan   Ryūshōsen Clan I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 25, 2013 2:49 am

Limit Name: Ryūshōsen aka Fiend's (Black Blood)
Limit Type: Advanced Element
Clan Relation: N/A
Method of Creation: Regular
Limit Description:
Black Blood: Those of this clan do not have regular blood like actual ninja. Through mutation ninjas of this clan have come to have a very special blood. This blood is not like regular blood. First the color is black like it names says. When this blood is inside or outside the body it takes the color of dark black sometimes making people confuse the blood as oil or something else. On top of that this blood is thicker than regular blood. Though this blood is thicker than regular blood it is still able to clot at the same rate as that of others through the use of jutsu and natural means. On top of the blood changing color and being thicker, it also has a parasite in it. Members of the clan are immune to the parasite. They also have an increased blood supply from an average of 5 liters, to nearly 8 liters allowing for 3.2 liters of blood to be lost instead of 2.4 before passing out.

Blood Manipulation: Members of this clan have complete control over their blood. Through the use of jutsu the members of this clan are even able to control and move their blood like telekinesis through the use of jutsu. Members of the clan can also turn their blood into weapons as hard and strong as steel. Though members of the Fiends are able to manipulate their blood they have to get it outside their body first. This means the must have cuts to get blood out.

Phyresis parasite: This is the basis of the bloodline that makes the bloodline what it is. Without this parasite the clan members would not be able to do what they can. This Parasite is something that all members of this bloodline are born with. It is the reason their blood is black and so thick. The parasite is also the only reason that the blood of the members is able to pump and not be clotted. As the Parasite has a duel relationship with the members of the bloodline. As it gives them the ability of blood manipulation and extra blood while the host gives it a home.

Specialty: All members of the clan must have Kenjutsu or Weaponry as a specialty. This is because clans members of this clan are trained at a young age in all types of weapons but they mainly specialize in the sword. Though they are trained in all types of swords they mainly specialize in the Katanat. The members of this clan have also become very good at the trait of mixing the style of Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu making there Kenjutsu stronger and more efficient.

Downfall: Because of all the training with Swords and the studying of other arts the members of this bloodline cannot do Genjutsu what so every. This tends to be a bad thing for them since Genjutsu is something that is hard for them to avoid. With their close range sword fighting, they are able to break out of it. But using it is something they cannot do. The members of this clan are also somewhat sloppy when it comes to range fighting. As they spend most of their time training working on close range fighting and their speed. This makes it hard for them to fight people like puppet users. And those that use long range styles of fighting. One thing about the clans ability to make weapons is that though they can make projectile weapons that dont have to be connected to the body if they were to make something like a sword or a shield it would need to stay in connection with the users body

Personality Traits: All members of this bloodline have one of these two personality traits. One being that they are very silent, and keep to themselves. And do not care about anything. Which is a trait that most of the descendants of Anima have. Or that they are ether loud and very cocky. And easygoing and always wanting to have a party. Being a trait that most members of the clan have. Making clan get to gathers not that enjoyable for most people that have the personalty trait of Anima. Since things can get very loud and hostile. Since members of this clan tend to like to prove to people that they are the best swordsman.

Clan Philosophy: The members of this clan tend to live by the way of the sword. Taking the way of the sword as there life. Especially back when the clan where just plane bloody savages that where always fighting in the war. Most people of this clan tend to take the way of the sword as the most important value in their life. This is because since a young age most of the members of the clan are taught "Live by the sword die by the sword" Which is one of the main motto's of the clan. Since to the members of the clan the way of the sword is not a style of fighting it is a way of life. Making the Way of the sword one of the biggest things to them. The members also think of the sword as a extension of the body instead of a weapon. Since truly in there case the sword is one with there body.

[center]Bloodline characteristics

Limit Specific Jutsu:
Blood Jutsu:

Sword Jutsu:

Clan Style's and Stances::

Origin: The Fiend bloodline is one that started way back when the ninja villages first came to be. Though no one is sure how this bloodline came to be. But it is known that the bloodline started from a parasite that killed most people that came in contact with it but one family that had become immune to the effect of the parasite. The family that gained immunity from the parasite soon became known as the fiends. As through the parasite they would come to gain a new ability known as black blood. And this would be the birth of the Fiends in the modern day now.
Open or Closed?: Open

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Ryūshōsen Clan
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