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 Karyudo clan

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PostSubject: Karyudo clan    Karyudo clan  I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 25, 2013 2:40 am

b]Limit Name:[/b] Karyuudo
Limit Type: Doujutsu
Clan Relation: N/A
Method of Creation: Regular
Bloodline Limit Description:
The Karyuudo Bloodline is a Doujutsu that focus on certain abilities so that the user may increase their skills in hunting and tracking. As this bloodline is that of hunters and helps those of this Bloodline increase their hunting skills so that they may better get their pray.

Karyuudo Eye: Gives the Hunter the ability to read the world around them. It processes information gathered from the natural world such as broken twigs, shaken dew, broken branches, and all manner of other minor detail and in almost an instant presents the Hunter with a historical record of the area. Using this KKG allows for supreme tracking through the natural world, and after even a short time studying a small area, the hunter will know exactly who, when, and what passed through a certain area for the past week.

This KKG is unaffected by natural conditions such as rain, hail, even snowfall will not impede the tracking abilities of this amazing KKG. Once a proper target and trail have been determined, the Hunter can follow the trail at full speed, without need of slowing down. The only way to avoid detection by this clan is to have a special ability that allows you to pass without a trace.

Predators  Eye: Is the eye ability that helps the hunter in making sure that their Prey is done for. As first of this eye ability gives the Hunter the ability to envelop their eyes with their pupil so that their seeing range is increased depended on rank. Though it also gives the Predator the ability to see the weak points in their preys body. As when the hunter looks at a target it will show all the best spots to hit the prey in their body as the eyes do a system analysis on their target. As well as the eyes through the use of jutsu allow for the user to be able to see movement better as well being able to see at night and see thermal vision.  

Origin: The Karyuudo Bloodline started deep in the world during the time ninja villages were still being made. As this clan came to be when ninja where still in the woods surviving off the land. Do to harsh training and working of the body to make themselves able to survive the world around them by become the ultimate hunters and trackers the Karyuudo bloodline was born.
Open or Closed?: Open
Bloodline characteristics

Bloodline limit Specific Weapons:

Bloodline limit Specific Jutsu:

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Karyudo clan
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