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 Kurogane Clan

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PostSubject: Kurogane Clan    Kurogane Clan  I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2013 9:06 am

::Kurogane Clan::

::Magnetic Chakra -- Magnetokinesis::

The KKG allows the user to turn their natural chakra into magnetic forces. As thus, they themselves as well as metallic objects can be manipulated as though through a system of magnets. This is much more complex then simply "repellant" and "attractive" forces, but rather, one can manipulate metal via magnetic field to allow for almost complete range of control over metallic objects within a certain range. Not only this, but because it's done via ones natural chakra, it's possible to do so generally without hand signs, as though second nature. As such, one can command metal within' a certain area by thought and focus alone, in a manner keen to "kinesis". The range of ones control is based on their rank. As their chakra control increases so does their ability to command the metal around them with magnetic forces.

Magnetic Aura
C Rank – 10m radius
B Rank – 30m radius
A Rank – 50m radius
S Rank – 75m radius

Techniques that take advantage of the clans KKG are generally restricted to this area known as the Magnetic Aura. Beyond just control, those in the Kurogane clan also possess a sixth sense like a magnet, in that within their area of the Magnetic Aura, they can sense metallic and magnetic forces. This Magnet Sense extends the area of the Magnetic Aura and is said to since everything from a the skeleton of a building to weapons on an individual to a lone bobby pin. However, this is more acute the higher ones rank. At higher ranks, one can even determine the density and composition of metals.

~Metal Commandment~

Previously known as the "Magnetic Flight" and interchangable in description, all Kurogane users can use their magnetic chakra to control and manipulate magnetic forces and magnetic fields, warping and bending them to their will. However, chakra being the force behind this ability, it does have it's physical limits including the weight that can be controlled as well as the speeds in which it can be manipulated.

Speed of manipulation:
The speed of a metallic object moved changes the amount of chakra need. There are generally three scenario in which speed can be moved. (Just for scaling, not solid figures)

Slowly: 0~1m/s = Chakra Free
Common usage to make metal float/hover, or move at slow and often harmless speeds require no chakra at all.

Moderate Speed: 5~10m/s = -1Rank
Moderate speeds that generally genin can run as fast if not faster than. At this speeds it cost less chakra to accelorate, thus an A-ranked tech at Moderate Speeds cost a B-rank amount.

Fast Speed: 20~25m/s = @Rank
Speeds that a Jounin can accomplish, though still precievable and dodgeable with proper space and means of doing so.

Weight of Object(s)

Generally, the weight of the object(s) moved determines the rank of the techniques. The more metal that is manipulated, the more chakra is needed and thus an increase in rank. This is a given. Whether used as a defene to stop attack, or an move/redirect to attack, this is dependent on the rank and thus the amount of force needed to move.

D Rank – 1 ~ 25lbs
C Rank – 25 ~ 500lbs
B Rank – 500 ~ 1000lbs
A Rank – 1000 ~ 2000lbs
S Rank – 2000 ~ 4000lbs

Also, amount of control is dependent on weight per rank. Naturally, an object weighing towards the lower weights in each scale will be easier to handle for the user. At C-ranked, one can be quite creative with a 25lbs object, while a 500lbs object will be very generic in it's use (push, pull). One can even use MORE chakra to control things in a more unique way. So one can use a B-ranked amount of chakra to control a 25lbs object to pin point accuracy.

~Legend of the Black Sand~

The clan's ability is made most famous for it's use of "Black Sand" or "Iron Sand" in which the third Kazekage used iron shavings as a weapon after watching Jinchuuriki of the One-tailed manipualte sand. The iron shavings act like sand, granuel in form, and are manipulated via magnetic fields to form into shapes in a uniform manner. Instead of manipulating grain at a time, the use can manipulate them all as a unit. This was masted to the point that the user could make any form of weapon they imagined out of the iron sand, form and reform it as needed for both defense and offense. Feared at one time as the most powerful 'weapon' of Sunagakure at the time and hailing the 3rd Kazekage as the most powerful of them all, it's unique use of the clan's abilities inspired many to continue research into the latent power of the clan.

Extended History:

The Metaru Clan is a very recent arrival to Suna in the scheme of things. The Metaru were originally a family of civilian blacksmiths who lived in villages along the on the Iwa and Grass border. Technically they were part of Iwa but at this point in time few villages truly controlled as much land as they claimed on map and the Iwa Nin did not patrol this far nor too did Ame forces. Caught in a no mans land between the two factions the region embroiled several bloody wars and frequently taken advantage of by raiders and slavers. The Metaru were one of many families who choose to emigrate to safer lands. Over the generations they had developed a deep distrust of both Iwa and Grass under whom they had suffered great hardship and so the Metaru were one of a few families to travel to the Rain Country. Being weapon smiths of some skill the Metaru’s travelled all the way to Suna where they would be ensured a good demand for their goods and services, though many travelled on to River to take advantage of countries famous ore reserves

For many years the remained humble blacksmiths and traders till one of the clan’s strange behaviour was finally revealed to be a new Kekkai Genkai. The Metaru Clan have since come a prominent element of Suna society and is wealthy beyond measure thanks to its ties to River, its extensive trade contracts, mining rights and the iron sand users ability to mine precious metal with astonishing ease. That said they are relatively small and many considered their increasingly influential clan to be nothing more then jumped up newcomers though few day say so openly. Compared to the greater clans of Suna they are still very small indeed and have only a 50 or so members including children and the elderly.

Required Clan Special Characteristics:


Secret Clan Jutus:


Iron Sand Specific Techniques


this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Kurogane Clan
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