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PostSubject: Amos The Cosmic Champion   Amos The Cosmic Champion I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2012 4:03 am

☨ T h e D e m o n T e m p l a t e ☨


☨Basic Info☨


Name: Amos
Age: 350, looks 25
Gender: Male

Shifter Appearance:
In his shifter appearance Amos is of average height of a 25 year old male human. Being at the height of about 6’2 in human terms. Amos has silver toned hair color. This is something that tends to make Amos stand out from most other people. Amos also tends to have on a black and silver trimmed Samurai kimono. This tends to be Amos’s everyday clothes when in his shifter form. Amos has a regular white skin color of most white people of the world. Though some say his skin color goes perfectly with his hair color. Amos in shifter form is also of a very light weight being only about 180 pounds in his shifter appearance. While in shifter form Amos also is very buff, having a very perfect six pack that is said to be able to have quarters bounced off of.

Height: Amos height is a very average height. As Amos is that of normal height for a human of the age 25. This allows Amos to blend in with the people around him. As Amos is not too tall to stand out from crowds. Amos is also very content with his height as it is very close to his natural demon height being only about five inches shorter than his real height in natural demon form.

Hair: Amos is very content with his long silver hair in his shifter form. His hair being long and wavy going all the way down to Amos back. This is one of the few things that do make Amos stand out while he is in his human form. Since long silver hair is not something that is very natural among a lot of human in the human world. So this tends to bring a little more attention than wanted Amos’s way.

Weight: Amos has a very good weight on him in his human earth form being of an average weigh for a human of his height and age. As his weight is not too much, and not too little. Making it perfect for Amos, as it does not hinder him in any way possible.

Fit: Amos is very fit in his shifter form having a very perfect body. With a six pack and perfect muscles while in this form. This is said to make him look attractive by some women. As he has perfect abs’s and muscles that go with his body perfectly.

True Appearance:
In Amos true form he takes on the height of 6’6 in human terms. His silver Hair also becomes somewhat red. As there are strikes of red in it. While in Demon form Amos also has sets of horns. Amos while in demon form also gets a dark tan skin like that of a Egyptian. Though Amos still looks somewhat humanoid in his demon form. This makes Amos stand out from a lot of demons in their true demon form.





Demon Pride: Amos has a lot of pride about his demon nature and ancestors. This makes Amos very furious when people try and insult Demons as a whole and not as a separate person. So insulting demons is one of the fastest ways to get Amos angry. Amos also takes it offensive when people insult demon relatives of his. Because Amos takes pride in everything of the demon world and culture.

Laid back: Amos is one who very laid back, and tends to not get involved things unless he sees that it involves him. Some see this as Amos just being lazy but in actuality Amos is just one who does not like to get involved in things that are not his business. Since Amos is one who tends to always mind his own business. Amos also tends to try and not let things get to him not letting most things make him angry. This tends to sometimes make Amos the go to guy when things get tough.

Accepting: Amos tends to be one who takes change, and other things like information very well. This is because Amos sees change as something that can show what needs to be fixed or helping understand what can become better. This makes giving bad news to Amos very well. Since Amos just does not like at all the bad things that come with the information. He takes the chance to think of all the good things that can come along with the information. Since bad information can only bring birth to good information in the end.

Strategist: Amos is one that does not just tend to charge strait into battle. As Amos likes to take the time to think of what the possibility of the battle could become. Taking every single little possible thing into thought. Since even the smallest of things can change the outcome of a battle in Amos opinion. This makes Amos think of everything he can of the scene of the battle. Taking in the area of the battle field, and conditions of the opponent. Since Amos tries his best to see everything that can come out of the battle. Taking every possible outcome that could happen into play.

Focused: Amos is one that is very focused on his life goals. As Amos is always trying to do everything possible to reach his goals. As Amos feels that he cannot rest till the Demons are all the way back on top with Touketsu once again leading them and the Demon world to great power. Amos is also very focused on his experiments and personal work. As Amos puts almost everything he has when it comes to his experiments. As they are a very big deal to him

Cooperative: Amos is one that is very cooperative with other people as he tends to take the time to see what they have to say before he rushes into things. This makes Amos a good person to partner up with someone when going on a fight. Since he tends to listen to what his partners have to say and use their ideas and better help them all in battle. Amos also tends to listen to what other people that he is not allies with have to say as well.

Reliable: Amos is one that is very reliable for when people need his help or anything. Since Amos will always get his job done no matter the cost. As Amos never likes to let peoples down. Since Amos does not want people to be disappointed in him though he could truly care less what people think about him. As Amos just likes to have people think that he is a go to guy when things need to get done. As he is always able to get it done.

Organized: Amos is one who is very organized. As Amos keeps all of his stuff in his lab in tip top order. So that it is very easy for him to find it. This is so hat Amos can easily find all of his stuff better. Also because Amos likes for all of his stuff to be neat and organized. So that it look clean and not a mess. Since Amos knows that loosing stuff can have very bad consequences. As some of the stuff that Amos keeps in his lab can have very bad consequences if lost.




It was a very silent night in the demon world. As all the demons of the world could feel that something not right in the Demon world. This was because it was not normal when a noble demon was born into the demon world like this. As one of the five noblest demons families was giving birth to a child. They would go to name the child Amos. A name that they liked very much which happened to be the name of a very famous and powerful Egyptian Magician back in the days when the Egyptian civilization was still one of the strongest in the worlds. So Amos would go to be. Taking a look very similar to his farther Set who was named after an Egyptian god.
Amos was a very normal demon child.

Though unlike most demons Amos took to his natural demon powers at a very young age. As he was able to do them before he was even 5 years old. This made Amos start to stand out to the elder demon council. They would soon take Amos under their wing and have him start training in a special program that would help him to become a very big asset to the demon world. As at this time the Demon world was still very hard at work trying to free Touketsu. So at the age of 16 Amos was taken away from his family and sent to earth. This was where the Council figured that Amos would have a better time forming his powers.

So at earth Amos would try and live a normal child life during the day. As he would practice hiding his demonic presence and other things so that he could fit in with the regular earthlings. And at first Athos did have some trouble with it. But his council guardian helped him with that by making those that found out about Amos’s powers forget. And after about two years of training when Amos turned 18 his council guardian would leave him to explore earth on his own. As Amos had started to master his unique demon abilities in their basic form. So the Council figured that Amos would be able to handle himself as long as they all checked up on him every so often. This made Amos become a little reckless with his powers at first, but who soon started to contain them.

Amos would soon start to join a group of humans on earth and help them train their human powers and kill hollows. As Amos hid himself saying that he was just a human with special powers just like them. As this cover up story would help Amos to keep his Demonic heritage a secret. But when Amos was finally 21 the Demon council would call him back to the demon world for the figured his training on Earth was done. So Amos would make the journey back home to his family. But Amos’s home coming would also be short lived. As he would instantly be sent off to a special demon training school. This would be where he would meet some of the higher up demons in the demon world.

As a few of them liked to stop by and see how the new uprising demons where doing in their trainings. As they figured once the demons where done training, that they could become of some use to them in their own conquest. Though Amos did not care much for the idea of becoming the underling, of a higher ranking demon. As Amos just wanted to do his own things. So when Amos finished the school when he was the age of 25 he would make his way back to Earth.

Amos would then start to work on his own things as he prepared to become a great powerful demon. And after spending about ten years on earth helping the human Scientist Amos would return to his home and the demon world and undergo intense training and studying of what the human’s refried to as Biology. Since Amos saw it as the building block for everything that could become of the demons and other races. Since while in the Human world Amos saw all the capabilities of it.

This would soon lead to Amos working under some of the higher rank scientist of the demon world. He would then soon join the shadowfell group and work his way up trying to become as strong of a demon as he could.




Natural Abilities: All natural demon powers
• Master of weaponry: Do to Amos intense training at the demon academy he has learned how to use many different weapons of the world. Ranging from spears bows guns and swords. Amos main weapon being the sword. As Amos feels better connected with the sword. As it is very flexible in his hand as he is able to easily maneuver the blade and use it to its ultimate ability. Amos is also very versatile with other bladed weapons like the spear and hook swords. Note this is only because Amos had to used weapons a lot when he would hide as a human on earth. Other then that Amos could really not care much for weapons.

• Magic master: Amos is very advanced in the art of demonic magic. As it is one of the things that he spent a lot of time training while in the human world. Since it helped him hide his demon abilities somewhat. As he was able to make it just seem as though he just learned demon magic and was not an actual demon. Because of using magic for so long, Amos has become very versatile in it making it one of his best skills.

• Intense speed: Amos has very intense speed as he has spent a lot of his time training his speed by running with things like weight vest and altering his DNA with that of a Cheetah demon so that he could become even faster. This has allowed for Amos to become a very fast demon even without using the shadows to travel.

Unique Abilities:
• Cosmic Manipulation: Amos can call upon the comets, meteors, asteroids, stars, planets, nebula, quasars, dark matter, the sun, and the moon. They can generate stellar winds, solar flares, cosmic storms and invoke meteor showers. This allows Amos to draw the effects and abilities of these things. Cosmic Manipulation allows Amos to employ the available cosmic energies around him to produce nearly any effect he may desire, including the molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the manipulation of—even entire galaxies—across space and time, the creation of force fields, the creation of inter-dimensional portals and vortexes, telekinesis, and cosmic awareness on a universal scale. Though this is not Amos actual powers. As this is just the outline of his powers mainly examples of what Amos could do one day with enough power.

• Cosmic Energy: Amos is able to take the cosmic energy of the stars and others things to use it at pure energy. Like using energy blast and other things. As the energy takes on different effects depending on what Amos draws his energy from. Like a comet mike give the power of fire just like the sun. Whereas a Comet might bring ice effects to the energy. Beyond being able to use energy blast. Amos is also able to take the energy and form it into energy constructs likes swords and other things. This mainly works well when a cosmic object is in the sky. Meaning that Amos needs something to draw his energy from. This means Amos needs the sun or some other object like it to draw energy. The bigger the object the more power Amos can draw from it. This means that when inside buildings and things Amos's cosmic energy is drastically decreased. As Amos must be able to see the objects and have their energy drop on him without anything getting in the way of it. (I.E. Walls, buildings, tarps, etc)

• Cosmic Summoning: Amos is able to summon and make cosmic figures. Things like comets, meteors, moons, stars and other things. These things will allow for Amos to increase his power and heal himself. As he is able to draw power from them and use them in battle. The effects of all the cosmic items take close effect to their actual objects. Meaning a sun and moon would have lunar and solar powers. Where as a Comet would have ice power. Though these things lack in power and do not give Amos as much power as the actual objects. As these are mainly used to just help Amos draw more power while in side confined spaces. These things also lack in size compared to the real thing. As they usually are about the size of a basketball.

• Cosmic Figure Make: Using his cosmic summoning powers Amos will hold his hand out and start to focus his cosmic energy. This will then start to form a small ice comet the size of a basketball in Amos’s hand. Amos can then shoot this Comet out of his hand as though it was a projectile. When shot out of Amos hands the Comet would be shot out at about a speed of 300 Mph. Because of the comet being made out of ice when it hits a target it is able to cause a good amount of damage. Amos is also able to take this comet and leave it hovering so that he is able to draw energy from it. When doing this Amos will be able to draw a small amount of energy from this comet giving his powers somewhat ice properties. (This means that his cosmic energy will become a ice blue color and have freezing properties. This is just a example this can be done with the Moon, Sun, Stars, and other Cosmic figures)

• Cosmic Destruction: Amos will start to focus his cosmic energy around him. This energy will take the color of red unless Amos is drawing from a specific cosmic figure, like the sun or stars. The longer Amos lets this energy build up the more destructive this attack will become after he builds it up. After building up the attack Amos will release the energy all at one time. This energy will cause destructive damage to a radius of 5 meters around Amos. Now If Amos was draw energy from something like the sun while doing this attack. The attack would have more of a fire effect. (Meaning that the energy will become orange and have a burning capability) This makes this attack even more capable of damage to enemies when Amos has different cosmic figures to draw energy from.

• Cosmic Chain Blade: Amos will take his cosmic energy and focus it into the shape of a circular saw blade. The blade will be about five inches wide. The blade like all of Amos basic cosmic attacks will take on a red energy color unless Amos is drawing cosmic energy from a cosmic figure. But this attack does not just make a blade but the fact that the blades have a long 3 feet long chain connected to them. This chain is just like the blade made of cosmic energy.

• Cosmic Gravity Slam: Amos will take the cosmic energy around him and slam it into the ground with the motion of slamming his hand into the ground. This will cause all things within a five meter radius of Amos to get an intense force around them that will slam them to the ground if they are not able to withstand it. As those with a higher spirit pressure will have easier time being able to counter the attack. Amos can also take the energy and focus into his hand allowing for the attack to do more damage. By thrusting the ball of cosmic energy into the chest of someone it could possible cause the chest to cave in and send them back with incredible force. Or if Amos where to thrust it into someone in a downward motion in the head it could cause the head to crack open and thrust the opponent in a downward motion. If the Attack is done by focusing it into a ball it can work just as well on tiers up to two tiers higher then Amos. This is because the attack is more focused.

• Cosmic Breath: Amos will take in cosmic energy. He will do this by taking a deep breath breathing in all of the cosmic energy in the air around him. As Amos will breath out the energy. It will then become a thick fog like substance, as the color of the fog will depend on the cosmic figure that Amos is drawing on. This fog will cover within a one meter radius of Amos. The main point of this attack being to offer as a cover up for Amos. But it does have other abilities. As Amos is able to change the state of the matter of gas into a solid that can trap the people caught in it. And depending on the energy effect, the trap can do more than trap a person.

• Cosmic Rain: Amos will focus the cosmic energy around him in the air. This energy will then start to form clouds in the sky. These clouds will look like regular clouds besides that fact that they are not white like regular clouds. After one post of the clouds being in the sky for one post, Amos is able to activate the true power of these clouds. As these clouds will then start to release a cosmic rain that looks that regular rain but is unlike it. As Comet rain will be like hail and have freezing properties, as all the other rain types will have the respective effects.

• Cosmic Gun: Amos will take the cosmic energy around him and focus it into his hand. As he forms his pointing finger and thumb into a gun. He will then take the focused cosmic energy that he has built up and shoot it off like a gun. This attack is not as strong as most cosmic attacks as it does not build up as much energy as most of the attacks do. But it can be very deadly if shot at the right places.

• Matter Manipulation and Reconfiguration/Energy Emission and Absorption: Amos has near complete control of the four fundamental forces of the universe, reaching nearly any effect he may desire. As a result, Amos can rearrange matter to create other configurations and can even transmute elements. Other abilities include to phase through objectse. As Amos must have matter to reconfigure and manipulate. As Amos is not able to just make pure matte out of nothing using this power. But with this power Amos is able to change the matter of things. Like turn something into a liquid, gas, or solid. (Think of this like Alchemy, for him to use this ability he must already have matter)

• Telekinesis: Through Amos Cosmic Manipulation powers he has come able to use the ability of Telekinesis. Allowing him to control the movement of things around him with just his mind alone. Though this power tends to cause a lot of headaches the more it is used. This makes it one of the powers Amos tends to use less.

• Basic Level(2-1-)
• Telekinetic Repulsion/Push: Amos is able push objects away from the himself with great force depending on how much energy he puts into it
• Telekinetic Attraction/Pull: Amos is also able to pull things closer to him like a magnet pulls a magnetic peace of metal to them.
• Telekinetic Maneuver: Amos is also able to change the direction of something. Like moving a plane going straight to going to the left
• Levitation: Amos is also able to levitate things high in the air.
• Telekinetic Grip: to grasp an object firmly in place, e.g. keeping the tides from washing a friend away.
• Enhanced Strength: Because of Amos’s Telekinesis he has been able to increase his basic physical strength. This has allowed the basic strength of Amos to increase to a even higher level than most demons of his level. As his powers allow for him to increase his physical strength to higher means than his basic strength.

• Advanced Level (2-1+)
• Spatial Sense: Amos is able to see his own surroundings using telekinesis. This makes it harder for people try and sneak up on Amos.
• Object Manipulation: Amos is able to alter an object's inner workings, like making gears move inside a machine.
• Telekinetic Compression: to crush an object, e.g. squeezing a chair into a ball
• Force Fields: Amos is able to condense the air around him in order to make protective shields. Shields only work on attacks of a lower tier then Amos
• Combustion: Amos is also able to speed an object's molecules to the point that it explodes through molecule combustion

• Biological Manipulation: Amos has the ability to control all aspects of a living creature's biological make-up. This includes but is not limited to, genetic alterations, physical distortion/augmentations, healing disease, and biological functions.

• DNA Reconstruction: Through this ability Athos is able to rewrite the DNA of something that he has physical contact with. This allows him to change things, like a human to a demon or demon to a human. This is by far one of Athos’s strongest abilities as it will allow him to change the complete makeup of something. Like adding gills to a human so that they can breath under water, or making it so humans can breath in space. Evening giving Demons and other races different racial capabilities. Like a Demon being able to do Kidō. Though Amos can not just walk up and touch something and instantly change its DNA. This is something that takes time and focus. And tends to be very hard if the creature whose DNA Amos wants to change is fighting him. Since while using this ability Amos needs complete focus. Making this ability none combat. (Amos will need about 2-5 post of contact depending on the target and their tier. As this ability takes all most all of Amos focus)


☨Adjustable Demon States☨


Adjustable State Appearance: Same as before just with a red glow around him

Adjustable State Benefits:

Dark Matter: is a material that is believed by scientists to make up 90% of the universe. Dark Matter is a substance of a malignant nature that damages the living flesh of those that it touches. Dark matter is pretty much like earth clay like material that can burn people on touch. Though it can be an energy substance. As Amos is able to draw matter from the Air and turn it into dark matter. Though while inside of places Amos powers are somewhat restricted as there is less free air in buildings. Meaning that his powers are lowered somewhat.
• Dark fireflies: Amos is able to take the matter around him and turn it into his dark matter. He will then form it into hundreds of fireflies. These fireflies will then fly around Amos. He is then able to have them explode at his control and even use them to gain information. As Amos is able to hear and see what they see. These fireflies are a black purple somewhat resembling the Soul society’s hell butterflies. Even being able to be used for communication just like them.

• Dark Armor: Amos will take matter and form it into dark matter. He will then take the matter and form it around him. This will then harden into an earth like armor that is able to keep Amos safe and also burn those that touch it. Making it a good offense and defense for Amos. Since it can do both at the same time. This makes it good for Amos to have on when he fights people who like to do physical fighting. As the Armor is able to block up to attacks from people up to Amos tier.

• Dark Spike: Amos will focus the matter around him and hit the ground and have dark matter shoot up from the ground in the shape of a spike that Amos will have charge at the target at a speed of about 120mph. Amos is even able to control the spike after it has been shot at its target. These spikes are just as sharp as regular metal spikes easily being able to go through barriers of lower tiers.

• Dark Golem: Amos will have the matter around him become dark matter and form into a golem. This golem will be about the size of Amos and made of complete dark matter. It will be equal to one tier lower then Amos. Having complete control over Dark Matter like Amos. Though the Golem is not one for speed being more powerful in physical strength then in speed. Making those with great speed hard opponents for him.

• Dark Matter Blast: The Amos has also shown the ability to create massive explosions of Dark Matter and spheres of Dark Matter which have the same explosive power and can be used in close combat. This is done by focusing the matter around him and turning it into Dark matter. Amos will then focus it into his hand in the shape of a ball or a blast of energy. If the ball is to leave Amos hand Amos has the ability to make it explode at any time.

• Dark Matter Burst: Amos will take the matter around him and focus it around his hand as it turns into dark matter. This will form like a hard earth armor around his arm that can not only block attacks, but when Amos punches send a beam of dark matter at what every Amos punches at. This energy blast works well against things of lower tier against Amos. As it is also able to send the things that it hits flying backward as they were just hit with a ton of force.

Advanced Biological manipulation abilities
• Gender Shifting: Amos has the power to shift the gender of an organism by rearranging their DNA with one's mind. This can also be used on Amos himself allowing for him to hide as a Female. This tends to be a more advanced technique that takes a lot of focus for Amos to do so. As it is not for combat but more for hiding and messing with people.

• Appendage Generation: Amos has the power to produce extra body parts. Amos body can rapidly turns over new cells, but at Amos will he can manifest new organs with moments. Can grow arms extra arms, legs, eyes, noses, etc. After constant contact with another person Amos will even be able to add extra body parts to them. This allows for him to replace missing body parts. As well as fix damaged organs or even make new body parts like wings and other things of the sort.

• Expansion: Amos has the power to manipulate his own fat to expand limbs, or turn into a huge ball of fat, which can be rather destructive. As a ball, the user is also protected by a thick layer of blubber. This will allow for him to also increase his strength. Since as the fat and size of a body part is increased so is the strength of it.
Advanced Cosmic Energy
• Cosmic gravity Ball: Amos will take the cosmic energy around him and focus it into a white ball of energy that will spiral around. This ball of energy will then float 12 feet up in the air. As the ball of energy does this, it will either increase the gravity pressure of everything under it In a 10 meter radius, or decrease the gravity. Those with a higher spirit pressure then Amos are able to use their spirit pressure to counter the cosmic energy, as Amos is able to use his cosmic energy and spirit pressure to not be effected by the cosmic ball.
• Cosmic Overdrive: Amos will take all the cosmic energy around him and absorb it into his body. As Amos does this his body will start to get a light sparkling glow. This will be because of all the energy he is gaining. This ability is able to restore Amos’s energy and heal some of his lesser wounds. But the main part of this technique is that it increases Amos’s strength speed and control over his powers for a short amount of time that it is activated. As it makes his attacks do more damage than they normally would. (Only last 3 post with a 2 post cool down before can be used again)

• Cosmic Eye: Amos will focus the cosmic energy around him and have it focus a eye that is in mid air. This eye is about the size of a basketball. These eyes take on a regular pure energy color of white. The Cosmic eye has more than one ability that Amos is able to draw on. One of the abilities being that Amos is able to see whatever the eye see’s as though he was seeing it with his own eyes. The second ability is that the eyes are able to send a beam of energy out of them as a offensive attack. Making the eyes something that also needs to be watched during battle. Though the eyes do not have any really good defensive capabilities are are easily able to be destroyed by attacks.

• Cosmic Cannon: Amos will draw his hands back down to his sides and charge two cosmic energy spheres in his hands. Then, he combines them together in front of him to fire a huge giant cosmic energy wave at the opponent. As all this energy will but shot out at one time in a giant burst being able to cause massive energy to what it hits. Being as this attack draws a good amount of energy and dispenses it all, Amos will only be able to do this attack once every three post. As it is a very draining one to do. Though if Amos has a major cosmic figure like the sun or moon to draw power from, the cool down will only be 1 post instead of 3.

• Cosmic Blade: Amos will start to take cosmic energy around him and form a red beam of cosmic energy around his hand before attempting to slice his opponent. It greatly resembles a light saber from the Star Wars universe both in its inception, appearance, light emitted, and crackling sounds made. This blade is easily able to cut through metal objects and compete with a Zanpakutō of equal tier to Amos. Though the swords main purpose is to be a sword, Amos can also use the cosmic energy around his arm to shoot out a beam of cosmic energy at his targets.

• Cosmic Disk: Amos will hold his hand up above his head and start to form cosmic energy into a razor-sharp disk of cosmic energy that can slice through nearly anything. With a flick of the wrist Amos is able to send the disk after his targets, as he is easily able to control the disk after it has left his hand. Making this a very deadly attack when a target tries to run from it. As Amos can have It keep following them.


☨Skill Sheet☨



Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


☨Role Play Sample☨

Role Play Sample:

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Amos The Cosmic Champion
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