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 Zabuza the demon of the mist

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PostSubject: Zabuza the demon of the mist   Zabuza  the demon of the mist I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 11:33 am

☨ T h e D e m o n T e m p l a t e ☨


☨Basic Info☨


Name: Zabuza Momochi
Age: 1200
Gender: Male

Shifter Appearance: Zabuza is a tall and noticeably muscular man with pale skin, short spiky black hair, brown eyes, and small eyebrows. He was normally seen wearing bandages like a mask over the bottom half of his face. Under his mask, he had a relatively narrow jaw line and jagged-teeth, a trait he shared with his fellow Swordsmen. He wore his forehead protector sideways on his head, and prior to his defection from Kirigakure, donned the village's standard uniform and flak jacket. After his defection from the Kirigakure demon squad, he was seen shirtless, with his chest only covered by a belt to which he attached his Kubikiribōchō, wearing baggy pants with the striped pattern typical of Kirigakure and mimetic wrist-warmers extending up to his elbows, with matching leg-warmers. Sometimes he wore a sleeveless black shirt and matching pants, complete with a waist-guard, and yet again, Kirigakure's striped wrist and leg-warmers. Other swordsmen of his generation wore attire identical to this, implying that they might be clothes related to the group. While donning this attire, much like his fellow Swordsmen, he had bandages loosely tied around his neck like a scarf.

True Appearance:




Zabuza was initially portrayed as aggressive, arrogant, cruel, cold and ambitious, willing to become Gatō's thug to gain enough funds to start a second coup d’état on the head of the Kirigakure squad, and kill anyone who stood in his path, including plotting to kill Gatō once gaining enough funds from him. He willingly uses his own men and others as pawns to fulfill his ambitions, as he raised Haku to be an efficient tool to be discarded when he had no use to exploit; although unlike future villains, he was blunt about the purpose that his recruits were needed for, lacking the manipulation of pretending to be kind to inspire loyalty.

He is an observant adversary who is able to analyze his opponent's techniques after seeing it once, but becomes overconfident if he sees the technique as useless. In his last moments of being with the members of his family, it is revealed that he cared deeply for his student Haku, and after being convinced by a friend, he almost sacrifices his life to kill Gatō, and almost dies wishing he could join Haku in the afterlife. However, he seems reluctant to speak or hear about it, telling whoever does so to shut up. Some have also noted that Zabuza had hesitated for a moment before the thought of slashing through Haku to get to opponents during their battles. This is stated to have been different in the past before his meeting of Haku. As back then he would of no cared about a partner.

Zabuza is one that tends to be very aggressive with most people. This is because of his demonic nature and rising. As the Kirigakure demon squad is a special demon family/ group. And they raised Zabuza to be an assassin. And so because of this they made him aggressive so that he would show no mercy to his targets. This also do to Zabuza’s anger issues with people. Though Zabuza is not always aggressive, as he only tends to be this way when he is not in a good mood, or is in an assassin mode. This is because Zabuza’s aggressiveness tends to come from his anger problems as he has problems controlling his anger.

Though Zabuza does have a good amount of honor, as he would not attack an opponent un armed (this means ready to battle as not all fight unarmed) unless it was a paid assassination. Zabuza is also one who honors his promise. As Zabuza will never break any promise that he has made with anyone. Though Zabuza is one who cares very much for money it does not completely control him. As he will not just break a promise he has made with someone for money. Unless the promise he is breaking has a good reason for him to break it, and he is getting a good amount of money for breaking this promise. Though Zabuza still tends not to break promises no matter how much he is paid. This is because Zabuza was made to be very loyal and always go through with his promises even if it ment that he would end up dead.




On a silent night in the Demon world in a very special place, on a night like no other as the air was filled with mist. And the sky was almost as bright as day. As the full moon shined brightly lighting up the sky, in this small demon village. As everyone in the demon village staid in silence. And only the wind could be heard for miles and miles. This was a very strange thing. As normally this village could be heard all through the night as they practiced their assassination techniques. This is because the Demons of this village where all trained assassins, known as the Kirigakure Demon Tribe or Squad by some. And the demons of this village took their demon training very series. As most of the younger Demons trained every second they got. And night time was one of the best times for the demons to train.

All of this was because on this night, a demon like no other was born into this family. This Demon would be given the name of Zabuza Momochi. And this Demon would be unlike the others of the Kirigakure Tribe. This made a lot of the high members of the tribe take a liken to Zabuza. As they saw great potential in Zabuza and suggested that he start the Kirigakure assassin training early right after this year’s class training ended. This was a very strange thing as Zabuza would only be 6 years old at the time he would start his training and the average age was 9 years old for a demon to start the training. But since they saw great potential in Zabuza they let him go to the final exam of that year’s class. As the exam was putting all the students into a giant area and letting them fight to the death for three days and three nights.

So to let Zabuza watch the exams they let him go into the area with a special guide that was to keep Zabuza safe. But during the middle of the exam, this guide would go to accidentally lose Zabuza in the exam area. This would have Zabuza lost in the Exam area with all the crazy students trying to kill him. And so Zabuza let his true demon nature take over and killed every single one of the demon children hat had tried out for the exam this year. And to top it all off Zabuza did it all in one night. This was something that had never been done, especially by a Demon that was not even in the exam. And on top of that Zabuza was at least three years younger than all of the other students that had taken the exam. As well as he had no demon assassin training yet.

This made the higher ups of the tribe go wild as what to do with this young boy that had just assassinated a whole class of semi trained assassins with no training what so ever yet. And after months of arguing over what they would do with Zabuza, the higher ups came up with an idea. That Zabuza would undergo special intense training so that he could become a big asset to the tribe leader. So Zabuza would undergo years and years of training till he became a great Assassin, even said to be the best in the demon world by many. As most of the world knew of Zabuza’s first assassin which he was hired to kill a man by the name of Nat’s. A demon well known in the demon world for the things he had done to help the earth out.

Zabuza had been paid by a few low level demons that where trying to take over small parts of earth. As Zabuza silently killed the man demon Nat’s by decapitating him. This was something that was done in front of a crowd of people. But it is said that Zabuza did it so silently and swiftly that no one even saw him do it. And it took another five years to find out who did the assassination of Nat’s. As Zabuza really did not care about everyone knowing that he was the one that took down the demon that he thought as a trader. Though this caused Zabuza to get into a fight with a very well known Demon in the group Sin fall by the name of Tindera. As Nat’s was the guardian of Tindera for a short period of time. This also led to many many fights that ended with these two destroying many places.
This would lead to Zabuza meeting a Demon by the name of Amos who was known for his biological experiments. Amos would even go to help and advance some of Zabuza’s ability and tricking him out with some good DNA. This would lead to a double cross by Zabuza’s old mentor and tribe leader. As he saw Zabuza as an upcoming threat to his power. So he sent Zabuza on a backstabbing assassination. But In the midst of the assassination, Zabuza managed to catch his assassin and get the info that he needed out of him before he decided to kill him. Zabuza would then try and assassinate his old mentor, but in the attempt Zabuza would come to fail in the attempt.

But Zabuza would manage to escape the tribe and make it out into the demon world. And during this time Zabuza would come across a boy by the name of Haku. Zabuza would take this boy under his wing. This young boy would become Zabuza’s prodigy. As Zabuza would train the boy into become a deadly assassin like himself. Haku and Zabuza would then start to take their own private assassins. As theses would help Zabuza fund for his next assassin attempt on the tribe leader. As Zabuza had started to lack in funds ever since he left the tribe.And became his own private assassin. One of the most important assassin jobs was from the pay of a human thug by the name of Zabuza. And the job did not end how Zabuza planned. As in the end Haku was left supposedly dead, and Zabuza had almost died himself. This would lead Zabuza to go and hide out in the demon world honing his abilities.




Natural Abilities: [i]

Unique Abilities:


☨Skill Sheet☨



Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


☨Role Play Sample☨

Role Play Sample:

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Zabuza the demon of the mist
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