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Basic Character Information:
Name: Kin Ourouh (Black star cause he tell's everyone that is what his name is )
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Clan: Ourouh



Honor: Kin is very honorable at everything that he does. He will never attack an opponent for no reason. Some people think that this is a bad trait of Kin’s. But it is something that is actually very good. Since it always stops Kin from trying to kill opponents that should not die. Since he always gives his opponent a chance to live. But those that have done his village wrong in any way will be stricken down in a heartbeat.

Loyal: Kin is very loyal to people that he thinks’ deserve his respect and that show that they are the kind of people he likes. But since Kin is young he tends not to like a lot of people in the right kind of way. Because just because he likes you does not mean he will respect you and help you. Though getting Kin’s trust does not come easy since he is very big on Honor and if you do not have any then he will most likely not like you and give you his trust

Too himself: Kin also has a too himself personality. He likes to keep his distances from other because he doesn’t like the idea of being attached to other people. He’s very quite but he’s not shy. Kin is actually a very cocky because, he’s never lost a fight to anyone on his level or anyone consider being below his level. He never speaks unless he feels it will benefit him in some kind of way. He hates work but loves to go on missions; you can almost say he likes to keep himself busy. He despises everyone including his team, but he never let’s anyone know how he truly feels. Because he fears people will stop trusting him.

Trustworthy: Kin is a trust worthy person but you can always tell that he is not always there in his mind or that he has his own hidden agenda when on jobs. He carries a cool head in all situations, which can be relaxing but hard to understand. He’s a difficult person to understand but his strategy techniques on the battle field is some of the best, that’s why his family nicked name him mastermind. Now don't take him the wrong way because if he ever feel threaten he will cut you down without a seconds thought of it.

Basic Clan Information:
[center]Kekkei Genkai

The "Aishado" - aka "Shadow Eye"
WIP lmkm p;p;k Aishadoregular

This eye allows the user to see through the dark and can control shadows at will. The user will be able to read the others mind during combat, and predict their next moves if the eyes make contact with another. The longer the user looks into the opponent's eyes after the link, the more information they will obtain.

WIP lmkm p;p;k 32730410
Lvl 1 Aishado - Slightly bright shine
As a genin the user may only see minor thoughts and they must be 5 yards away or closer to use the eyes. They will be able to read small bits of their thoughts/ not clear enough to make sentences but give you a good idea of what is going to happen. For Example. The user would know what kind of attack the opponent would use. Such as, they would know the opponent was going to perform a ninjutsu. Not the ninjutsu in question, but simply they would know it was a ninjutsu about to be used. For a physical assault, they would know if it was a punch or kick. Not which hand or leg was initiating the attack, or where it was aimed.

WIP lmkm p;p;k Tatsunewaishado
Lvl 2 Aishado - Shine gets brighter and the dark designs on the pupils get keener
A Chunnin can see deeper thoughts in their opponents mind from 10 yards away or closer. They can read more complete sentences with less words missing than before. For Example. The user will now know what kind of jutsu the opponent was to use - such as a Katon jutsu or an Earth. Or perhaps a seal -though they will not know what the seal does exactly. Same with the Katon and Earth jutsu. It simply gives a heads up. When dealing with physical attacks, they will know what the opponent is using to attack. Such as which limb for a punch or kick; but not where it is aimed exactly.

WIP lmkm p;p;k Aishadoregular
Lvl 3 Aishado - Shine gets even brighter and the eyes become keener
A Jounin can read the mind completely from 15 yards away. Giving them an opportunity to make the perfect counter attack or mimic their opponents moves. This enables the user to know what jutsu is being performed and how the opponent plans on using it. It allows the user to know which limb is being used for a physical hit, and at what area. These are the eyes at their most advanced basic level.

Advanced Aishado and Their abilities
WIP lmkm p;p;k Tatsuaishado

Lvl 4 Master's Aishado - The Eyes of Love

Once obtaining the level three aishado the user has a chance to advance further. This was the eye Taski's mother obtained. It's only obtainable once a loved one sacrifices their own life to keep you unharmed.

With these eyes the user has the same effects of the Level 3 Aishado. The added effect with this Eye is the ability to manipulate any sized Shadows by just looking at them. It takes minimum chakra and can only be performed once between 2 post. With this eye, the distance the eye can be used on someone is increased from 15 yards to 20 yards. And once someone makes eye contact with the user, the user can read the person's thought immediately without delay. In clear complete sentences as though someone spoke allowed what they were about to do.

Lvl 0-The Nikushimi Aishado - Also known as the Eyes of Hatred

A Forbidden Level of the Aishado that has only been obtain by a few members of the clan. Once obtained, your fate of becoming a killer to survive is inevitable.

To obtain these "Eyes of Hatred", you must kill a love interest or someone who is family to you. Such as a Mother, Father, Brother, Sister figure. Once that is done, you will unlock the same power the "Eyes of Love" gives you, except with a price. Since these eyes are obtained prematurely and within such a cruel act, they begin to automatically seal themselves every time they are used. The only way the user would be able to regain a new light within their eyes would be to kill and use their deceased opponents blood to wash away the darkness, and return light to the cursed eyes. (Think Eye drops, but with a large amount of blood)

The added effect with this Eye is the ability to manipulate Human sized Shadows by just looking at them. It takes minimum chakra and can only be performed once between 2 post. With this eye the distance the eye can be used on someone is increased to 20 yards. And once someone makes eye contact with the user, the user can read the person's thought immediately without delay. In clear complete sentences as though someone spoke allowed what they were about to do.

Because the eyes seal themselves everytime they are used, the user's vision will become blurred more and more they are used. After the 5th time the eyes are used and have not been replenished with the blood of an enemy, they user will go completely blind.

Clan Traits:

This Clan was originated by a Hyuuga that specialized in the Nara techniques, and a Yamanaka that were banished from their respective clans for treason. A young couple tricked into giving information to enemy ninja from a rival village. Leaving the country they traveled to the out brinks of the continent and began to start a new life there. The place they settled at was a dark area found in the deep forest of Bear Country. The sun would never burn there. And the moon would never shine. It was just darkness. And the flames they made was their only light. They chose the location because they never wanted to be found by anyone.

Little did they know the land already belonged to a Dark Demon. He was a serpent that was mesmerized by the Hyuuga's Byakugan. He gifted him with sight by causing a mutation within his own eyes. He made a pledge to return and left as mysteriously as he appeared.

As time went on his eyes began to adapt to the darkness more and more. And as the clan began to grow and new offspring was made, a completely new eye was formed. Branching away from the Hyuuga and Yamanaka clan that had banished them. The first woman to obtain the new eye was Taski and Tori's mother, Tsukiko. But this was far before either were even born. She was born with this eye. And as she began to grow in age her eyes began to develop more and more. They named her new eyes the "Aishado." or in other words the "Shadow Eye." More powerful than the rest of the clans. And when she reached the age of 16 she had become the leader of the village.

Everyone had admired her strength and beauty. Soon the young woman would come across a man she would fall in love with. An outsider from the village named, Waru. Over the months the two had spent together, the young girl would conceive a single child by the name of Tori. The young couple would remain in love for another few years...

Sadly even the demon was enticed by Tsukiko's beauty. He returned when she turned 19, demanding the village to hand her over for the services he performed for their ancestors. The villagers rebelled and was prepared to battle the demon. Waru would take the front of the assault to protect the woman he loved. He wouldn't back down, even though his opponent would be the sole demon who created the clan. But Tsukiko's mother agreed to go with the demon so no blood was shed. And she disappeared into the darkness as the villagers watched and mourned. Waru was the worst to take such an act..and after awaiting so long..he would abandon hope, and take his only daughter away from the cursed clan. He would raise her to be as strong as her mother before her...So that one day she could defend herself from such demons.

No other children born were blessed with the Eyes she had obtained. The others had an under developed version of her eye. It was never explained why she had such and advanced eye compared to the others.

Months passed and she returned mysteriously. The light in her eyes were gone. She was completely blind. The villages took her in and took care of her. Asking her what happened to her. And what the demon had done. She had no answers. She couldn't even speak. And as time went on her stomach began to grow and grow.

She was pregnant with the demon's baby. The villages contemplated if they should destroy the baby or raise it as their own. She finally spoke after so long. "Let me give birth to my..son." The villagers honored her request and she had a baby boy as she said. And as the baby boy opened his eyes. The light that was lost in her eyes were now in his. But even brighter and stronger. Taski was born.

Without time for rejoicing, the demon reappeared in the village. Returning to take the child with him. The villagers would not let this happen as they began to battle the serpent. And as this went on the mother held her baby and whispered a "sorry.." into the baby's ear. And in a swift moment she performed a hand sign not seen by anyone in the village. It was a hand sign she read in the ancient scrolls left behind by the for-fathers of the village, who for-saw the demon returning. And in one swift motion the demon's soul was sucked out of its body and transferred into the baby's body.

The mother held her baby close as the villagers watched her. She let tears escape her eyes as she held her baby even closer. "The..aishado..Is an accursed eye..Nothing but tragedy comes from it.."

As time went on the clan began to separate. Some believing they should venture out into the world and others saying they should stay among each other in the dark. This eventually led into conflict and then war with each other. One side of the clan is ruled by Tamoa Ourouh, while the other is overseen by Noduroh Ourouh.

Rank Information:
Rank: Chuunin
Village: Mist
Organization: N/A

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty:
-Sub: Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity:
-Main: Lightning/Fire
-Advanced: shadow's
Special Characteristics:


History and RP Sample:

Rp Sample: (optional for Genin)

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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