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PostSubject: Natsu the Fiend    Natsu the Fiend  I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 02, 2011 7:26 am

Natsu the Fiend  New_ni11
Basic Character Information:
Name:Ryūshōsen, Natsu
Age: 11
Gender: Male



Basic Clan Information:
[center]Natsu the Fiend  Wars-s10

Name: Ryūshōsen aka Fiend's
Affiliation: All over

clan symbol:
Kekke Genkai:

Sword's: The member's of this clan can instantly grows swords from virtually anywhere on their body. The member's of this clan can strengthen the sword's they grow from there body by channeling there chakra into the blades. The more chakra the stronger the Sword's. The swords made by the members of this clan have not set size and width. So the members are able to control the sizes of the swords they make. Note the sword's have no hilt since they are grown form the body of the members of the clan.

Skin: The member's of this clan have special made skin. This is so that the swords are able to past threw there body with out harming them. So that the sword's can past threw their skin without harm. This is because there skin has special like spore's on them. So that when the swords start to come threw the body the skin starts to expand. This is a very non painful thing. Since the member's of the clan have come adapt to it. So to them it just feels like a prick with a small little needle.

Trait's: All members of the clan are said to be very Superior Swordsman. Since they are very good in the way of Kenjutsu. This is because all members of this clan have been studying the art of Kenjutsu since they where young Children. All member of this clan also have a Superior Speed to those of their rank. This is because they during all the time of the Kenjutsu training. They train to move swift and strike fast. So they tend to do a lot of speed training.Most members of the clan tend to be Master Strategist. Since most of the member's of the clan love toying with their opponents in battle, frequently taunting and enraging them. To make them sloppy in battle. This is because member's of this clan tend to be able to calm and control under pressure and tend to not let things get to them. This is also because they tend to look for there opponents week spots and flaw's in battle.

Rage: The clan member's of this clan get stronger and Stronger as a fight goes on and as their rage build's up.As this happens the clan members get stronger and faster. This is because as they fight goes on the members of this clan start to get more attune to there settings and the fight. This all makes them start to get a little cocky in the fight which sometimes can be there downfall. As this starts to happen. The KKG will actual start to use less and less chakra. The members of the clan will ether start to get stronger in physical strength and slower in natural speed. Or faster in natural speed and weaker in physical strength with there attacks. There sword's will also increase in strength and sharpness
Note: For every 3 post in the fight the members of the clan stat will increase by 3% and there other one will decrease by 3%

Specialty: All members of the clan must have Kenjutsu or Weaponry as a specialty. This is because clan’s member’s of this clan are trained at a young age in all types of weapon’s but they mainly specialize in the sword. Though they are trained in all types of sword’s they mainly specialize in the Katana. The clan are also master's of Fuinjutsu understanding all types of it even if they cannot use it. Since they are trained and taught to understand it. This is where there Fuinjutsu skill’s come in handy. Since by Using Fuinjutsu they can seal other weapon’s in their body to use for later since they can only make Sword’s. But Fuinjutsu is a very rare skill among the trait now days. Though the member's of the clan are still taught about it very few can actually use it. The member's of this clan have also become very good at the trait of mixing the style of Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu making there Kenjutsu stronger and more efficient.

Downfall:Because of all the training with Sword’s and the studying of other art’s the members of this clan can not do Genjutsu what so every. This tends to be a bad thing for them since Genjutsu is something that is hard for them to avoid. With there close range sword fighting. Though they are able to break out of it. But Using it is something they cannot do. The members of this clan are also some what sloppy when it comes to range fighting. Since they spend most of there time training working on close range fighting and their speed. This makes it hard form them to fight people like puppet users. And those that use long range styles of fighting.

Elements: Wind, Lightning. Most members of this clan tend to have one of these 2 elements if not both. This is because these to elements tend to go well with the clan members style of fighting. Because it is very efficient with there swords. It is also very rare that a member will be born into this clan with out ether of these 2 elements. Since these 2 elements are a very big trait among the clan. The Element of fire is a very rare element among the clan. It is said to only be given to those that are the descendants of the Legendary Anima.

Personality Traits: All member's of the clan have one of these two personality traits. One being that they are ether very silent and kept to them self's. And do not care about anything. Which is a trait that most of the descendants of Anima have. Or that they are ether loud and very cocky. And easygoing and always wanting to have a party. Being a trait that most members of the clan have. Making clan get to gathers not that enjoyable for most people that have the personalty trait of Anima. Since things can get very loud and hostile. Since members of this clan tend to like to prove to people that they are the best swordsman.

Eyes of Anima:

Physical traits: Most members of the clan tend to be very bright skinned. This is something that is very strange since the members of this clan tend to spend a lot of time in the sun. And very few of them are dark skinned. Most members of the clan tend to have black hair or brown hair. Though Black hair is more Common among the clan. Though those that are closely related to Anima tend to have Red or white hair. The red may do to the fact that those closely related to Anima tend to be very good with the fire element. The white hair comes from the fact that Anima himself had very nice long white Hair.

Clan Occupation: The members of this clan have been known to be master swordsman. But very few people actually know that the members of this clan are master Blacksmith. This being one of the main way's that this clan makes it money. Since threw the ages the member's of this clan would come to understand the way's of the sword and how it worked. Threw this they would come to be able to forge swords from scratch. One of there main ways of making swords is by using there clan KKG to make a sword and tuning the sword up and adding a hilt to it.

Clan Philosophy: The members of this clan tend to live by the way of the sword. Taking the way of the sword as there life. Especially back when the clan where just plane bloody savages that where always fighting in the war. Most people of this clan tend to take the way of the sword as the most important value in there life. This is because since a young age most of the members of the clan are taught "Live by the sword die by the sword" Which is one of the main motto's of the clan. Since to the members of the clan the way of the sword is not a style of fighting it is a way of life. Making the Way of the sword one of the biggest things to them. The members also think of the sword as a extension of the body instead of a weapon. Since truly in there case the sword is one with there body.

The coming to society
Long ago before the land of lightning was even a great power in the world, the Ryūshōsen clan members were just mountain bandits who specialized in using their swords to overpower their enemy. Soon though when the land of lightning was forced into war the daimyo asked for assistance from some bandit dens but only three of them responded, and because of them they were able to help the kumo shinobi greatly in their missions. Soon after they were no longer feared, but respected for their swordsmanship and eventually they where able to join the village and become Ninja. But few people new about the experiment's the clan members did to fuse the sword's with there blood and body. By using seal's and other things. And over time the clan member's would succeed in having the sword's infused in there blood. There body's would then start to take the Gene from there Parant's making them better At there Kenjutsu since they had truly become one with the sword. And by having the sword as a part of the body they became more adapt with it.

The breaking apart
After about twenty years of the clan being stuck in the land of the lightning. Another war would come to happen. And the Rakikage would waste not time to come and ask the clan if they would be willing to fight in the war for him again. And being hot headed like they are the leaders of the clan would not refuse. But before the start of the war. Two of the Elders would get into a fight. This would cause about half of the clan to split and leave. Since one of the Elders decided to leave the clan and go about his own life. Which would cause a good amount of the clan to come with him. These members of the clan would then come to strike a deal with the village of the Mist. They would promise the mist that they would help them in there upcoming war with The land of Lightning. By helping and foraging swords and other weapons for the village. And helping them fight in the war. This would cause the other part of the clan to become worry about having to kill there own kinsman in battle. Which was something that they did not want to do. But in the end the two opposing clan sides would come to the war and end up taking most of each other out. This would cause the numbers of the clan to massively drop. To about 20-30 members in Kumo and Kiri.

Birth of the legend
During the time after the war of the two parts of the clan. During a very foggy and dark night in the middle of summer. As the full moon tried to shine brightly threw the fog. In the silent of the night a boy would come to be born in the part of the clan that was still in the land of the Lightning. This boy would come be known as Anima. This boy would be unlike any member ever born into the clan. Since he would come to posses special eyes that where like none in the clan. His eyes would come to be like fire which where able to display his mood and feelings. He would also come to posses the Element of Fire which was something that was very rare among the member's of the clan. But among all things the boy would also posses very strange white hair. With all this stuff this boy would come to stand out from all other people in the clan. Leading to most of the kids in the clan picking on him for standing out. This would come to make the boy cold and to him self and always wanting to be away from people.

The making of a name
Threw time the boy named Anima would come to make a name for himself. As a Genin the boy was far above anyone else of his rank in skill. He was even able to match and surpass the skill of some Chuunin. This would come to allow him to do special missions that where far above his true rank. Since his skill level was far past the mission's for Genin. And when time would come for him to do the Chuunin Exam. Anima would come to past the exam with out even truly trying. This would then allow him to become a Chuunin at the age of about 14. And after about being a Chuunin for 2 months Anima would come to be a Jounin for the village of lightning. Being one of the youngest Jounin in the villages history. During this time Anima would be sent on many different missions. Most being assassination missions. That tended to end with the death of his target. Getting him the name of The Fiend. Since most people thought of him as a cold and ruthless person. During this time the Other part of the clan in the Village hidden in the mist would come to hear about Anima. This would come to make members of the part of the clan in the mist un happy. This would make them come to want to kill The boy known as Anima.

The start of the Uniting
After a while the part of the clan in the mist would start to make there point that they wanted Anima dead. They would come to start having attacks on Anima in the hope that they would be able to kill them. And threw all this most of the ninja that tried did not succeed and would end up dying in the process. This would start to make the nickname of the Fiend start to sprout back up since a lot of people would start to think of his brutal killing as just wrong. And through the time Anima would start to get tired of all of this blood shed. And would come to get the idea of going to visit the part of the clan in the Mist Village. Though getting into the home of the clan was very hard and tricky Anima would come to do so. And when he did it did not go so well. Most of the men in the clan would come to attack Anima until they where called off by the clan leader and the strongest and best swordsman in the clan. Anima would ask him to here him out and the clan leader would come to say that only if Anima would be able to beat him in a fight of swords.

The fight of 3 days
Anima and the other clan leader Rin would come to fight in a fight in only the way of the sword and use nothing else but there clan jutsu and there swords. And at the start of the fight Anima and Rin would be equally matched. And as the fight went on there power and range would make them stronger and stronger. This would keep the equally matched threw the whole fight. And this would be like not fight ever. This fight would go on for three days and three nights. All threw the land of the mist all you could here threw the three nights and days. Would be the sound of still hitting steel. And after the third night Anima and Rin would come to drop to the ground from there exhaustion of the fight. And when the two dropped there eyes would hit each other forming a brotherly bond. Since this fight had caused them to come close and give them a bound. So after a week of the two resting they would finally come to wake. And at first Anima would be surprised to be alive since he though that someone would take the chance to kill him while he was unconscious.

The agreement
As Rin and Anima would come to awaken. They would get together before Anima left so that Rin could here him out. Which was something that was surprising. Since Rin only agreed that if Anima could beat him in a sword fight that he would hear him out. But Rin would still come to hear Anima out even after he lost showing Anima that Rin was a very valuable man. They would come to agree that the two parts of the Clan would come to need to be reunited. This would be something that was very bonding between them. They would even come to agree that getting the clans parts together might be hard but they would be able to do so.

The uniting
After sometime Anima would come to get his part of the clan to leave there Village and go to unit with the part of the clan in the mist village. And though the Kage of the land of Lightning was not happy about this. He new trying to fight the clan could be very bad for his village. So he would come to let them threw. And at first the Village of the mist where not happy with the coming of the lightning part of the clan. They would come to let them in since the part of the clan could come be of help to them. Since they new a good amount about the land of Lightning and where just as good as the part of the clan in mist. In the way of swords. As The two parts of the clan came to come together. At first it would be a little rocky since the two clan parts would come to have constant fighting. And threw Time Rin and Anima would come with a idea to keep the clan from fighting. And it would come to work.

The end of Anima
After a while the clan would come to work together amazingly with the work of Anima and Rin. This would be because the two had come to make a brotherly bond with each other. And because of this they where able to work together. And after some time Anima would go onto a trip. This trip would be to find him self and remaster the way of the sword. And during this journey something would come to happen to Anima. It's unknown what happen to him just the fact that he is know gone and missing from the clan.

Rank Information:
Village: Mist

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty:
Weaponry(mainly Kenjutsu)
Elemental Affinity:
-Advanced: N/A

Special Characteristics:


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Name: Blade of the Ryūshōsen
Special Abilities: This sword has the ability to conduct the element's of the user. This is because the sword is actually made by the Ryūshōsen who uses it. Making it actually a part of them and making it a very special metal. That is not like regular metal. And so with Natsu sending his chakra into the sword he is able to send fire waves when he swings the sword.
Origin:Every member of the Ryūshōsen is given a sword made like this when they become a Genin.

History and RP Sample:
Natsu was born in a small house in the village of Kirigakure. during his birth his mother would come to die. And so Natsu would be given to another women of the village of the mist to be watched by. And though at first she did not really want Natsu she would come to learn that his Kekkai Genkai would be very helpful to her to make weapons like sword's and other things to sell to the village and other ninja. This way she would be able to learn money. And at first Natsu loved doing this because he did not understand that he was being forced to do this out of his own free will.

Natsu was sent to the academy because the lady that took him in hoped to get his abilities more developed there. However it didnt evolve drasticly like she had hoped. Natsu didnt like beeing at the academy, where he was told what to do and tested all the time, and he often were looked at as the class's black sheep. At home he was yelled at for not improveing, so all in all Natsu had nothing to give but disapointments. For some reason Natsu mannaged it all, and didnt become more sad. He didnt feel like he owed anyone anything, and he had a way of looking at things the other didnt. Even though it shouldnt be expected Natsu was lucky and made his way through the academy, without any noticable flaws.

And even though at first Natsu was not very happy about being in the Academy. His father Zin would come back from his long journey around the ninja world to become a better swordsman an come to find that his wife died giving birth to his son who was given to a women who was abusing his Kekkai Genkai for her own personal profit. So Natsu's father Zin would manage to get Natsu back from the lady even though at first she did not want to give him back to his father. Natsu would then be happy to be away from the lady and all the work she was having him do. And when his father took him back Zin would tell Natsu more about there clan heritage like Natsu's great great Grandfather Anima who he inherated his eyes and hair from. Zin would also help Natsu learn the clan arts.

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra


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Basic Jutsu

Clan Jutsu


Kanton Jutsu

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Natsu the Fiend
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