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 Asuki clan

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PostSubject: Asuki clan    Asuki clan  I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 14, 2011 12:00 pm

Name: Akuchi
Kekkei Genkai: Increased blood supply from an average of 5 liters, to nearly 8 liters Allowing for 3.2 liters of blood to be lost instead of 2.4 before passing out. All members of the clan that show this KKG have a from of hemophilia that completely prevents the clotting of blood. The user is able to manipulate and solidify their blood through there skin into various weapons for combat. These Weapon's are as hard and sharp of steel. Use of this skill can be used to counteract the affects of hemophilia by preventing the bleeding of a wound. These weapons can be whatever the user wishes, from blades, whips, projectiles, etc. Though rare, every few generations there comes a blood user who's blood is tainted with a toxin, causing their blood to turn jet black. This blood unlike the rest of the clan's blood is Poison's. So if cut by a weapon made of black blood after 5 post you will start to slow down. Some clan member have taken to filling camelback like apparatus with a reserve of their blood. This supply provides a safer alternative than self-mutilation.

Secret Clan Jutsu:

History: While the clans beginnings are nearly untraceable, the history of the KKG only dates back a little over 100 years ago in the Mist village. But even before they were shunned for their use of a little know, yet horrifying parasite. While the parasite causes horrible reactions, the clan only infects small children, to cause very little, if any damage. Their unique ability came through the use of jutsu for bloodletting. This combination of feared parasite, and dreadful ability caused them to be banished shortly after moving to any village. Until Finally Kiri no Kuni let the clan join there village.
Clan Symbol: N/A
Quantity: 5
Must be in Kiri no Kuni to be in this clan and have my permission

Distinct Features Red eyes.

Phyresis parasite.
A highly transferable parasite, it is able transfer from the bodily fluid of a host (saliva, blood, tears, etc) to a new host, simply through entering the new body, even if it is simply swallowed. In the first week of infection the only symptoms are a craving from raw meat, and a minor sensitivity to light. After 2 weeks, the infected are plagued with dementia, cannibalism, and painful response to natural light. During this stage, the infected revert to the base instincts of feeding, and survival. This is the most dangerous stage, as the parasite craves fresh meat, with human being the top choice., making it difficult to eat without drawing attention to yourself. 4 weeks after infection, the new host regains control of cognitive functions, returning to much the same before being infected, but still being affected by the parasite. Those who are infected can have the parasite removed if they so choose. If they are aware of infection in the first week, the can remove the spores simply with the poison removal medical jutsu. After that, it requires extensive cleansing of the blood, while also inducing vomiting to remove fully grown parasites in the stomach. The day after the topic that the person is infected constitutes as the first week of infection. To put simply, if the topic ends Monday, Tuesday would be the first week, Wednesday would be the second, etc, etc.
-Heightened night-vision, able to read by starlight alone.
-Constantly pumping adrenaline, lessening pain, and slightly increasing strength
-Red eye color
-Constant hunger for fresh meat, including that of the human variety, to satisfy the parasite's hunger.

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Asuki clan
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