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 Hoshi clan

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PostSubject: Hoshi clan    Hoshi clan  I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 14, 2011 2:03 am

Bloodline Name/Surname:
Hoshi No Kodomo
[Typically called the Hoshi Clan]

Clan Classification:
[Bloodline Limit]

Kekkei Genkai:
[Innate Ability/Elemental]


Enlarge this image

Definition of Plasma:

I did NOT write this definition myself. It was one that I found on the internet that correctly described it as I meant it.

Note: This is the definition of it in the world we live in but for Naruto purposes, it will be slightly different. Yes, it will still be it's own state of matter, but it won't be obscenely hot which will be described as I continue.


This Clan is very traditional in the sense that they do actually wear similar colors at almost all times. They also wear their Clan crest proudly on some article of clothing or such at virtually all times. They've been known to usually wear dark clothing or colors and usually have their arms exposed to the air as to lessen their limits on their arms.

Unique Insignia:
A Blue circle with four triangular shapes surrounding the circle. One triangle directly over top, to the right, left and bottom. The triangle on the bottom is larger and extends further than the others. The circle most obviously represents the Sun or a Star.

This Clan is quite conservative when it comes to their Bloodline and they are protective of their own. Unlike most Clans in this time, this is one of the few that actually remains together within the same Village and under control by a Clan Leader. They frown upon deserters of the Clan and seek to destroy them as they become what is known as a "Black Dwarf". It is typical of these ninja to be well-mannered. They are currently in Takigakure because after recent events led by the Tsukiakari, they were basically forced to leave their hometown of Sunagakure.

Clan History: I hope you don't mind how I'm about to do this...

Theory 1:
Well, there are many rumors as to how this clan was started. It's been said that they have evolved from a clan so many generations ago. This clan was said to have controlled lightning and able to beckon it as they wished. The clan was referred to as the Harushino. This clan had undergone many ordeals in it's existence and had many great leaders over the years. There was one, named Suzaku who became an outlaw, but during those years, it had been rumored that he was developing a new type of release. Legends say that he had been successful and this was how the clan came to be. This was only a rumor of course, so it wouldn't answer all of the questions. Such as, 'If Suzaku was the creator, then how did the Doujutsu come to be?' Well, there is no definite answer. It was well known that Suzaku was well versed in the field of science for their time. Maybe he found a way to mutate the Harushino gene for himself and eventually was able to branch off the clan....while the Harushino died off and faded into the past. But.....this is only one theory.

Theory 2:
Another theory was that this clan was a mutation of the Kanzangan....a newer clan that is currently known for their odd Kekkei Genkai of manipulating Lava. This thoery says that a few members left the clan and went to another area to settle and eventually over time, their abilities evolved into what they were today. To this day, the Hoshi and Kazangan are neutral for the most part because they've never really encountered according to any history books written about the Hoshi Clan's past.....

Those are the two theories being thrown around out there...but no one really knows the truth. Thatls for a very specific reason. The Hoshi are so conservative that they've even hidden their own lineage and history from the members of the clan. So, somewhere, the history of the clan lingers and waits for the day that someone can find it and settle all of the rumors...but who knows if it'll ever be found.

Kekkei Genkai Information:
The Hoshi to literally convert their chakra into Plasma through the use of the latent chakra elements. It's been called Plasmatic Chakra Generation. Activation of the clan's ability causes the body temperature to rise to an inhuman number of 168.6 Degrees Fahrenheit. The usual temperature for the Hoshi is already higher than the normal, being 114.6 Degrees Fahrenheit. No, touching one of them will not burn you. They'll just feel a lot warmer than normal, like a person with a constant fever. In the earlier stages of this Kekkei Genkai, the increase in body temperature does take a toll on the user eventually. Also, a person's regular temperature will eventually rise [in later stages of the Doujutsu] signaling that their body has become more accepting of the temperature change and it will no longer really affect them.

Eye Appearance:
The eyes always match the color of the plasma he/she can manipulate. The iris develop a black ring in the middle, circling the pupil. The eyes are said to glow just like the plasma.

Taiyou Stage 1 [Red Super Giant]- Every member of the Hoshi Clan that posesses the Kekkei Genkai is born with at this level. At this level, maniputation of their chakra into the plasma form is quite weak. The plasma is able to be molded into small objects such as kunai, shuriken, bullets, and the like. All Plasma at this stage is red-orange, signaling that it's the least hot of all stages..only at 218.6 Degrees The user can only keep the manipulation active for about 10 of their own posts before it shuts off involuntarily. The user will have a pounding headache and be slightly disoriented as well as experiencing slight fatigue and dehydration due to perspiration for typically 5 Posts. The normal Temperature for a member at this level is 114.6 Degrees.

Training: Default

Taiyou Stage 2 [Orange Giant]- At this stage, the user's manipulation becomes stronger. The objects manipulated also become stronger than that of the previous level's. They are capable of creating larger objects such as swords, katanas, shields, mokubishi [sp?] spikes, and stuff. Manipulation can still be activated at will but can still only be used for 10 posts at a specific time before it's shut off involuntarily. At this stage, Plasma remains a brighter orange and maintains a temperature of 296.6 Degrees. The results of using the eyes at this stage is a milder, yet still moderate headache, lesser fatigue, dehydration and other symptoms mentioned above. The after effects last for about 3 Posts here. A member's Temperature at this stage usually remains at about 122.4-124.8 Degrees without the Kekkei Genkai active.

Training: 300 Word Training with the Celestial Orb* in the Nebula Shrine.** The user must overpower the Orb's Orange plasma by forcing his/her own plasma to progress.

Taiyou Stage 3 [Yellow Pulsar]- At this stage, manipulation becomes significantly stronger. The user is capable of calling moderate [8-10 ft.] sized waves of Plasma at a time to their will as well an virtually manipulating it into shapes and objects of will. The plasma is a bright yellow color. There is no longer a limit on the length that their ability can be active. Though upon deactivating them, the user will have an almost unnoticeable fatigue. The Plasma as this level is on average, a temperature of 396.8 Degrees Fahrenheit. The normal body temperature of a member at this stage also remains a constant of 136.8-138.4 Degrees. Manipulation is possible at the previous stage to conserve energy but it will remain the strength and color of Stage two though the level of manipulation will still remain at stage 3.

Training: 500 Word Training with the Celestial Orb* in the Nebula Shrine.**Training must be supervised by the Clan Leader if not done by the Clan Leader him/herself. The user must overpower the Orb's Yellow plasma by forcing his/her own eyes and plasma to progress.

Taiyougan Stage 4 [White Dwarf]- This is typically the stage that most users end up reaching and never going beyond. At this stage, moderate plasmatic assimilation is possible as far as limbs. The user is capable of much stronger manipulation with less effort. At this level, the Plasma is a bright luminescent white and remains a temperature of 492 Degrees Fahrenheit. Plasma can me manipulated at the previous level's strength to conserve energy but the plasma will be equivalent in strength, color, and temperature as stage three though manipulation level will be at level 4. A person is now capable of generating greater amounts of plasma at a time.

Training: 700 Word Training with the Celestial Orb* in the Nebula Shrine.** Training must be supervised by the Clan Leader if not done by the Clan Leader him/herself. The user must overpower the Orb's White plasma by forcing his/her own eyes and plasma to progress.

Taiyougan Stage 5 [Blue Nova]- This stage is the strongest of the Taiyougan and this stage is a secret one hidden from the bulk of the clan. Only the Clan Leader knows of this stage and he/she is told when the Clan is passed down to them. The reason it's hidden so well isof the bloodline's ability to manipulate at previous stages at will. [This means that a wielder of Stage Five can choose to use 5 or 4 at their own leisure.] In this stage, a person can completely assimilate themself into Plasma for a limited amount of time [5 Post limit] and their manipulation strength increases another great step. They are now capable of manipulating pretty massive amounts of plasma. The Temperature of the bright blue plasma in this stage is 600 degrees Fahrenheit and the body temperature of one who has reached this level is a constant 168.6 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Training: 1000 Word Training with the Celestial Orb* in the Nebula Shrine.** But this training is also slightly different as a chant must be recited before the training is begun. "Gods of the Stars that watch over, Open my eyes to the Truth." This chant is only known by the current clan leader and is passed through word of mouth and therefore, cannot be researched as it has never been written down. It really has never even been seen by anyone other than a Clan Leader at this point in time so it's inexistent to anyone else. At this point, the Orb will glow cause a chain reaction within the shrine, 'awakening' it in a sense. The shrine glows with a blue very similar to the orb and it will transport the one attempting to gain it's final power to a dimension known as the "Celestial Universe". This area appears to be Outer Space with the lights of stars shining brightly in the distance. Nebulae and Galaxies can be seen and other atronomic bodies. It is here that the user will do the last training. This training is not physical like the others, but more of a meditation to reach the correct state of mind to unlock the last stage. The user must realize why it is that they want to gain this power and how they will use it. This can be done through the recalling of past events or whatever. When the training is complete, he/she will be transported back to this dimension and all will seem as if nothing has happened. This person will now have true knowledge of Plasma.

* The Celestial Orb is a Legendary Artifact/Heirloom of the Hoshi No Kodomo. It is comparable in size to a marble when inactive and because so, it's usually carried by the Clan Leader at all times while a decoy one will reside in the Shrine. When the time has come to use the Celestial Orb for training, through the reciting of "Hoshi No Kodomo Call Upon Thee.", the orb will defy Earth's gravity and begin to hover in the air itself and will become the color of the Stage that the one using it wishes to reach. No, skipping stages is impossible. The orb itself will be covered in plasma generated by itself causing it to increase to the size of the average basketball. The Celestial Orb will now have the appearance of a small star which will attack the Hoshi clan member in ways to test the skill of the ninja and force him/her to increase the Stage of their abilities.

** The Nebula Shrine is located on the Clan's Family household. The shrine is always built underground and is pitch black. Orbs of yellow plasma light the room when walked into so that one can see while in the Shrine. In the middle, is a fountain that is also filled with yellow plasma.

=Color of plasma always determines the temperature which is as noted above.=

Limitations: [+:Overpowering/ -:Weak to/ =Equivalent to +=:Somewhat Overpowering -=:Somewhat Weaker]

Water: [-=]
Lightning: [+=]
Fire: [+=]
Earth: [+]
Wind: [=]
Ice: [-]
Wood: [=]
Lava: [+]
Crystal: [+]
Dust: [=]

Number Cap:
[Number Cap: 5]
Note: I'd like for people trying to join this clan to send me an RP sample so I can give a yay or nay.

Clan jutsu

Name: Heat Resistance
Rank: E
Range: None
Type: Supplementary
Sub-type: Defensive
Elemental Affinity: None
Description: This is what allows the Hoshi to hold their Plasma without being burned by it. As their ability grows, their heat resistance rises and is always equal to the heat of the plasma they are able to create. This does cause fire jutsu to be less effective on them, but not immune to it unless the level corresponds to the chart below. This isn't so much of a jutsu as it is just natural adaptance/ inherited ability, just like the Kaguya's Bone Density.
Taiyou Stages*
1: Resistant to E level Fire
2: Resistant to D level Fire or below
3: Resistant to C level Fire or below
4: Resistant to B level Fire or below
5: Resistant to A level Fire or below
6: Resistant to S level fire or below
This resistance means that when hit by a Fire Jutsu of that level, they won't experience much other than minor 1st degree burns.
*Means that this part is negotiable. I'm willing to remove all/part of the red text and/or change it to get this approved.

Name: Plasma Release: Plasma Frag
Rank: B
Range: None
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-type: Offensive
Elemental Affinity: Plasma
Description: This is a basic Ninjutsu of the Clan. This is one of a good amount of Hoshi Ninjutsu that doesn't require Hand Seals. A ball, the size of a typical baseball, of Plasma is formed into the user's hand. The ball is condensed through squeezing until it's the size is that of a normal tennis ball. It is then thrown or dropped wherever the user wishes. It will blow up within a couple of seconds of being released from the user's hand. The ball of condensed plasma will literally explode due to the already excited atoms being compressed and looking for a way to escape. The explosion releases a combination of flame and static with the magnitude of an actual frag grenade which is more powerful than an explosive tag.
Name: Plasma Release: Plasma Clone
Rank: C
Range: None
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-type: Supplementary
Elemental Affinity: Plasma [Fire+Lightning]
Description: This Ninjutsu is similar to the clones of other Elements. With Taiyou Stages three and below, hand signs are required [Tiger, Horse, Dragon]. If the Taiyou is of Stage four or higher, hand signs aren't needed as the manipulation is strong enough to create them without the need of them. The clones are capable of attacking and defending and the typical clone things. Once a clone is destroyed, the plasma used to create it can then be manipulated if the Taiyou stage is advanced enough [3 or higher]. These clones are slightly resistant for fire and lightning jutsu. [Taiyou Level Req.: 2]

Name: Plasma Release: Nebula Dragon
Rank: B
Range: Short to Mid
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-type: Offensive
Elemental Affinity: Plasma [Fire+Lightning]
Description: This jutsu requires the use of the single handsign, Dragon for those with Taiyou 4 and below. IF the user had Taiyou 5, handsigns aren't required. Upon completion of the hand signs or the beginning of the jutsu, plasma with generate in midair, swirling into a dragon. This jutsu is very much like the Water Dragon technique, except composed of Plasma and 1.25 times the size. The dragon is shaped clearly in form and while travelling towards it's target, it sometimes drips plasma, usually burning straight into the ground or whatever it hits. [Taiyou Stage Req.: 3]
Name: Plasma Release: Nebula Cloud
Rank: C
Range: Short to Mid
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-type: Offensive/Defensive
Elemental Affinity: Plasma [Fire+Lightning]
Description: This ninjutsu requires the hand seals Tiger and then Dragon to conduct when the user's Taiyou is Stage 2 or Below. Otherwise, the handsigns aren't needed. The user inhales and focuses chakra. After doing so, they exhale plasma in clouded form reaching from 10-25 feet in diameter. The plasma is searing hot and capable of causing 2nd degree burns on contact. This plasma can also be manipulated and compressed into other shapes and stuff but is mostly used as a coverup to escape and/or distract the opponent[s]. The Plasma cloud is pretty thick and shines a bright yellow which makes it even harder to see through.
Name: Plasma Release: Firefly Storm
Rank: A
Range: Short to Long
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-type: Offensive/Supplementary
Elemental Affinity: Plasma [Fire+Lightning]
Description: This jutsu requires the single hand sign, Dragon. Upon the hand sign being completed, Plasma will be generated in the air around the caster in the shape and size of fireflies. These fireflies can easily be mistaken for real ones. This is the only jutsu where the plasma glows a yellow-green instead of any of the normal colors associated with the different stages. It is because the 'insect' is compressing the plasma within it for it's kamikaze attack. When ready, these fireflies will latch onto something and explode. Alone, these fire flies won't cause too much damage, but in mass, they are truly a force. It takes 5 of them together to give the explosive force and power of an explosive tag. Up to 50 of these can be generated through the use of the jutsu once. These fireflies also have another use but can only be done through the use of a supplementary jutsu in addition to this one. [Taiyou Stage 2 Req]

Name: Plasma Release: Fly Scouter
Rank: D
Range: Short to Long
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-type: Offensive/Supplementary
Elemental Affinity: Plasma [Fire+Lightning]
Description: This jutsu requires the use of the Ram hand seal. Though the fireflies can be used for an attack, they have also been used for scouting missions. These fireflies, are not living in the normal sense of having organs. But through this jutsu, the user basically links the flies to their mind in a way that was compared to the way a Genjutsu works on the mind.. The owner can now see what they see. This is how their owners also give the que for their explosions from such far distances.
Name: Plasma release: Dark Plasma Hole
Parent jutsu: Plasma Release: Plasma Frag
Rang: Mid to long rang
Type: ninjutsu
Sub-type: offensive
Element: Plasma {Lightning+fire}

Description: This is very similar to that of plasma frag, however there are a few key differences in how that jutsu is started. First of all, the users of the jutsu has a much smaller focal point than the palm of their hand, there index finger. Second key difference is that the majority of the plasma is not forced out of the user, but pulled from the air and swirled into the focal point. The third key difference is the power and size of the blast. If the blaste was not consentrated then it would be about 50ft in radius, but because it is swirled into place, this allows all of the plasma to be consentrated enough.

The second part of the jutsu is the blast portion of it; where the user simple focuses a small amount of lightning chakra between the ball and the tip of the index finger inorder to push it foward.

The third part of the blast is what gives it its name. On impact the small marble size ball explodes to an explosion large enough to level a building due to how tightly packed the atoms where. However when the explosion expands out to it's fullest the atoms start to loose there plasmic charge causing it then to shriek back to normal, causing the large explosion to slowly get smaller. This outward blast of energy pushes things away in a large force of heat and electricty, but when the ball starts to shriek, the atoms pull everything to the center of the dying explosion, sucking in everything that was pushed away from explosion and instantly giving it a 1st degree burn while crushing it under the weight of what is pulled into it. The final kick to this jutsu is a small static shock that surges over what was pulled in

Drawbacks: Only those of White dwarf and blue supernova can preform this jutsu and even so it takes a lot of time to gather all the chakra to the central location. Meaning that someone must spend a whole 3 post just gathering the chakra and another post preforming the jutsu. However, after the jutsu is preformed, the user can not use Hoshi clan jutsus for a 3 post cool down.- Uses about 60% of a normal users chakra.

Additonal notes: Due to the large release of plasma into the enviorment, radiation would be very high around the area of the contact, killing everything that lives within the area of 4 square miles over a slow period of time. Prolonged exposer to the area of explosion would also cause sterlization of gametes ( sex cells ) the the decrease in the immune system. The weather is also effect by the explosion, causing dry winds and loss of percipitaion to come near the area of plasma Meaning no rain tiger and water jutsu that extract from the air or the ground will be cut off due to the loss of water.
Name: Plasma release: Fire rain
Rang: 0-400 square feet.
type: ninjutsu
subtype: Offensive
Element: plasma {Lightning+Fire}
Handsigns: Dragon

Description: This is a very simple jutsu and can be used with great skill. The user simple focuses plasma out of thier body into a cloud above them in thin waves, similar to how rain tiger is formed. The plasma starts out small, but as wave after wave of plasma is added together it then will take the form of a natural white cloud. The build up of plasma then becomes so dense that the hot molecules of plasma compact together like water and fall to the ground in small white drops, similar to rain. However this is no rain and is very hot and will cause instant 2nd degree burn to the skin and 1st degree burn if the skin countinues to touch the plasma. At this heat the jutsu may also cause fires and ashes to form when it comes in contact with things that can catch on fire suc as wood, clothing, ect.

Drawbacks: Takes 2 full post for the rain to fall after the dragon hand signs has been preformed. The Jutsu can only last for two turns, and one can use no Hoshi jutsu for two turns after the use of this jutsu.

Additonal notes: Due to the large release of plasma into the enviorment, radiation would be very high around the area of the contact, killing everything that lives within the area of 1 square miles over a slow period of time. Prolonged exposer to the area of explosion would also cause sterlization of gametes ( sex cells ) the the decrease in the immune system. The weather is also effect by the explosion, causing dry winds and loss of percipitaion to come near the area of plasma Meaning no rain tiger and water jutsu that extract from the air or the ground will be cut off due to the loss of water.
Name: plasma release: Plasmic art
Rank: A
Rang: None
Type: ninjutsu
Subtype: Offensive and Defensive
Element: Plasma {Lightning+Fire}
Handsign: None

Description: This jutsu is a simple jutsu at the White dwarf level and higher. It basically allows the user to increase or decrease the heat and density level of the plasma to create several shades and colors. With this effect, the user now has the ability to create things done to the smallest detail.. the tips of grass, the hair on the smallest fly. However, with several shades and levels of plasma, the figures that are created are very unstable. So once the user extracts the chakra from the figures that control them and moves them, the figures will instantly explode in all directions, showering small pieces of plasma over the small area it was contained in.

Drawbacks: Because you can create and copy things done to the smallest detail, you can not use ofther Hoshi jutsu in combination with this one.
Plasma release: Nebula
Rank: SS - White dwarf and higher
Rang: 800 square meters
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-Type: Suicide
Element: Plasma {Fire + lightning}
Handsigns: Dog+Dragon+Dog+Dragon+Dog+Dragon+Dog+Dragon+Dog+Dragon+Snake

Description: This jutsu basically requires deep consentration as it the handsigns are being preformed. The hand signs are in place to drasticlly increase the plasma level inside each cell in the body. This starts at the center of the cells movement ( the heart) and then spreeds to the other cells like an infection. This goes on untill the cells explodes, causing the body to loose all skin pigmentation and becomes pure white. The increased plasma levels in the cell then countinue to increase untill the body can not withstand the levels, and all the organs and cells are changed to pure plasma; each organ adding onto to the already growing level of plasma. However the cells of the skin don't change to plasma after the change in skin pigmentation and therefor allows the levels and pressure of plasma to increase until the skin shatters due to the force and releases all the plasma that had built up, resulting in an explosion of plasma that greatly surpasses all the other leveles of the Hoshi clan easly reaching tempatures of 1600 degrees. This explosion then consumes everything within a 800 ft radius and instantly kills it

Name: Plasma Release: Pillar of Creation
Parent Jutsu: Plasma frag
Rank: S
Rang: None
Type: Genjutsu
Sub-type: offensive
Element: Plasma{fire and lightnint}
Handsigns: None

This jutsu is simple in terms of how it is casted onto the user. The basic gathering of plasma into the palms of the hands is needed as it would be needed for the plasma frag. The user then high excelerates the speed of the plasmic chakra by simple consentration in order to give it a brighter glow. This glow is then picked up by the eyes of a none Hoshi and this is how the genjutsu is activated. Now if you look at the pictures you will see that the pillars are not solid but really just columns of extremly hot plasma from which stars are born. The target or targets will see that there bodies are clung to these 57 trillion miles high rows of plasma of 100, 000's of degrees. If this by chance was an ordinary ninjutsu the target would burn up in a split second, but because this is a genjutsu the user basically is pulled down and forced feel these buring heats. What ties the target to the columns are even hotter chains made complely of plasma however all the limbs are tied down JUST ENOUGH TO ALLOW SOME MOVEMENT. The neck region of the body is free enough for it to touch the arm, which is the only way to break out of the jutsu... to naw one's arm off. The users feels as though they are chained up a Kai release will not work, the only way out of this jutsu is for the target to not cut the chains, but to consume thier own limbs off and feel all the pain, but once this is done, the target will be free from the jutsu and vey very exhausted and worn out not to mention mentally damaged due to the mental strain of eating off ones own limbs. The user of the jutsu basically sits back, holding the orb or plasma that created the genjutu and watches what happens via the orb.

Drawbacks: If the orb that creates the genjutsu is ever destroyed, the jutsu will stop. And while this jutsu is activated the user is limited to only taijutsu, and none clan jutsus for 3 post after the jutsu is finished with.
Name: Plasma release: Ultra violet spectrum
Rank: A
Rang: All
Type: Genjutus
Sub-type: Defensive or offensive.
Element: Plasma {Fire+Lightning}
Handsigns: Half Dragon

Description: This requires a full post of holding the half handsign in place and meditation in order to increase the chakra's speed high enough to produce a bright enough light. The light is consentrated in the free hand's middle finger and thumb and is released with a simple snap of the fingers. When this high frequency chakra is release a quick burst of pure plasmic light will be released at the speed of a camra flash, but at a very higher degree. However, the light is bright enough to cause damage to the eyes, it is not bright enough to cause someone to go blind, instead the jutsu works like this.

After the eyes of the target ( must be a none Hoshi) have witness the lightflash the eyes will be briefly scrambled and unable to pick up the white small light of the plasma given off by those of white dwarf. Because of this, the light of those of white dwarf or higher are able to create SMALL OBJECTS. No bigger than a kunai and hide them from the targets vision due to the effects of the flash.

Drawbacks: It takes a post to create the bright light, and the user must wait another post after the flash in order to use the effect. If Kai release is not placed on the body quickly the effects will slowly wear off as the eyes of the target start to heal. 2 post after the flash is given off the targets vision will be restored.
Name: Plasma release: Starquake
Rank:Listed below.
Rang: 10 ft in diameter from the center and 7 feet from the ground up.
Type: ninjutsu
Sub-type: Defensive
Element: Plasma {Lightning+Fire}
Handsigns: half a dog. White dwarf and over no handsigns

Description: By applying the dog handsign with one hand, the user of this jutsu simple focuses plasmic chakra around them, while the handsign is in a fixed position. The handsign allows the user to further concentrate thier chakra into an advanced form, but if they handsign was to fall then the jutsu would become worthless. But if this is achieved and maintained, the user can wrap the plasmic chakra around thier body in a circle like shape and through the handsign maintain it's power and consentrate the plasma untill it reaches the desired density. The field is feed and stabalized from the center out by the use of chakra strings. The chakra strings simply fan out and attatch to the orb and allow the orb to regenerate when damage is done. However plasma chakra is needed to create the orb, regular chakra can work to regenerate and maintain the orb. There are 5 levels of the orb, each with it's own color and each with its own level of protection as well as rank. The orb at any level maintains a transparent color while inside facing out, but a solid opque color outside looking in. So if you are inside, you can ee what is going on outside, but if you are outside you can NOT see what is going on inside the orb.

Note: becuase it is made from plasma, the orb allows Hoshi members to travel in and out of it because it maintains the tempature of the lowest level. And as it is stated in he last sentence, regular chakra works just fine for maintaining and regenerating the orb.

{ The levels and color of each stage}
1st- Protects against C rank jutsus and below
2nd-Protects against B rank jutsus and below
3rd-Protects against A rank Jutsus and below
4th-Protects against S rank jutus and below
5th-Protects against Everything including the lotus gates.

Drawbacks: with each attack that is made to the orb, the orb looses chakra that must be replace, so the orb at SS rank will protect you from everything as long as you have the chakra to regenerate the orb because the orb draws directly from you.

Training information. This is a multiple step training and to train from leve to level requires 1000 words, so to get to level 5 you need 5,000 words.
Name: Plasma release: Absorbing star
Rank: B
Rang: All
Type: Ninjustu
Sub-Type: Supplementary
Element: Plasma {Fire+Lightning}
Handsigns: None ( goes for all levels)

Description: This jutsu is very simple and taught to the clan members at a young age which is why it is sometimes considered an innate ability. However, after closer realization a basic understanding and control of chakra is needed. The user of the jutsu simply focuses the plasmic chakra over the skin layer allowing the skin to become lighter and absorb both the light and the radiation waves that are given off by the sun ( the same way you get sn burned). This then allows the plasma chakra to be slightly denser and more "energized" which causes the chakra to fall deeper into the skin while the less "energized" chakra floats to the top layer of skin as it's replacment. This basically allows the Hoshi member to not have more chakra but to have a higher degree of plasma chakra; making the body tempature go up 5 degrees and the heat of the plasma to rise 40 degrees at any level.

Drawbacks: The user has pale skin and seems to glow while in moderate shade.

Side notes: The user has to be in sun light, or moderate shade for this to work

this is were all the jutsu's i now are

my speed strenght and chakra

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Hoshi clan
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